The Blacklist Season 7 Finale: Liz Made A Shocking Decision And She Might Have Lost Me


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Spoilers for the Season 7 finale of The Blacklist entitled “The Kazanjian Brothers” are mentioned under.

Liz has made some stunning choices in her time on The Blacklist, although none of them have been extra shocking than the one she arrived at in direction of the tip of the Season 7 finale. Within the final minutes of the season, Liz took sides within the brewing battle between her mom, Katarina Rostova, and father-figure, Raymond “Purple” Reddington.

After seven years with Purple and barely a seventh of that with Katarina, Liz determined to go all-in on Group Katarina. Within the closing sequence of the Season 7 finale, throughout a monologue which was both spoken to her grandfather or to herself, an animated Liz laid out her playing cards transferring ahead on The Blacklist. Arriving at a nonetheless unconscious Dom’s bedside, Liz informed him:

Hey. Medical doctors say you are going to get up quickly. Whenever you do, I would like you to know the one who did this to you, my mom. I’m on her facet now. I’m dedicated to helper her discover the reality she’s in search of. Anybody who’s in her manner, is in my manner. That features you and that features Reddington.

It acquired even worse. Plainly Liz is saying that if Dom (her personal grandfather) or Purple (the person who has saved her life numerous occasions) get in her manner, they should die. Neither Dom nor Purple would say the identical about her. However, Liz left little room for doubt as to her menacing that means in her Season 7 finale monologue.

Liz’s flip to the darkness was strongly hinted at throughout The Blacklist’s 150th episode final week. Reduce to the Season 7 finale, and it has arrived, regardless of my doubts it could truly occur. Nicely, I stand corrected, and right here is the remainder of Liz’s speech to show it:

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It’s unusual. I used to be afraid earlier of that darkness I used to be telling you about. I’ve all the time feared it. Ever since Reddington entered my life I’ve anxious that his darkness would possibly in some way overtake me. That it would simply swallow me complete. However now that I’m right here, I’m not afraid. The truth is, I embrace this a part of me and wherever it takes us on our approach to the reality. You and me, Reddington, I’m at peace with that. I embrace that. I take into account it my future.

Significantly. I’ve tried to defend Liz in Season 7 and even forgave her for betraying Purple and virtually getting him executed. To facet along with her mom in any case of this implies she has actually realized nothing from both of those experiences on The Blacklist. Now, she is pairing up with Katarina, and it’s, arguably, her worst thought but, and that’s saying one thing.

Final season on The Blacklist, Liz teamed up with the true Raymond Reddington’s different daughter, Jennifer. Quick ahead, and she or he is once more aligning with a not-so-great relative. That stated, Katarina did make some good factors with regard to wanting Purple to cease no matter it’s he set in movement, so she will be able to get again to her life. There is only one drawback.

Earlier than she kidnapped him, Purple warned Katarina about her being at risk throughout final season’s finale of The Blacklist. If he needed her lifeless or didn’t need to assist in any respect, why would he give any kind of heads up? Katarina tends to neglect that essential element, and as an alternative, she has targeted on torturing Purple and Ilya Koslov to get the “fact.”

Proper earlier than the Season 7 finale, Katarina upped the tyrannical ante by kidnapping and threatening to kill Dembe’s Imam, if Dembe didn’t reveal Purple’s secret. That’s the motion that satisfied me that Katarina is the true villain of The Blacklist. Whereas for Liz, Katarina solely solidified her place as mom of the yr. Yikes.

Sure, Katarina saved Purple’s life when he was dying from his thriller sickness throughout the Season 7 finale. Sure, Katarina coated for Liz with Purple over Liz’s newest betrayal. Does any of this variation all the terrible issues she has finished to this point on The Blacklist? No. Bear in mind, it’s not all simply latest stuff, both. Years in the past, she framed the true Reddington as a traitor.

She shouldn’t be a saint, folks. And, I don’t perceive why Purple can not come clear about who’s after her. In different phrases, who put the Townsend Directive on Katarina’s tail and satisfied them she had some sought-after blackmail data. Nor do I get why Purple can not come clear about who he actually is on The Blacklist.

The Season 7 finale introduced viewers no nearer to studying the reality on that entrance. It didn’t rule out the chance that Purple is the true Raymond Reddington’s twin brother, although. That is excellent news for that concept, as Liz’s morality begins sliding down the drain (which actually does make me unhappy).

I’ve all the time been a Liz fan, and she or he remains to be a refreshing TV heroine who has worn many hats, together with these of spouse, mom, buddy, and now daughter. However this resolution turned me off.  Regardless of her mom’s absence, Liz has all the time acted as her daughter by exhibiting how in denial or in awe she’s been of the mysterious shadow that has been her mother.

Hopefully, Liz’s loyalty to Katarina is short-lived or an all-out con for her mom’s profit that will probably be revealed in Season 8. I can not bear for Liz and Purple to be on reverse sides – once more. They’re simply too great collectively when they’re eye-to-eye. Now that Liz has chosen her facet, it’s time for viewers to decide on theirs.

Do you suppose Liz ought to have chosen Purple or Katarina?


The Blacklist is gone for now however will return for Season Eight on NBC at some undisclosed date sooner or later. However, it’s protected to say that Blacklist followers should wait till after this summer time’s premieres for it to debut. Till then, you possibly can busy your self with previous seasons of the crime drama on Netflix, together with a number of 2020 arrivals.

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