The Blacklist’s 150th Episode Convinced Me Katarina Is The True Villain


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Spoilers for the 150th episode (“Roy Cain”) of The Blacklist are beneath.

The 150th episode of The Blacklist culminated with Liz reuniting along with her mom (once more) and the sense that Katarina is the present’s actual villain. All of that is assuming that the lady saying she is Katarina is absolutely Katarina. Once more, I nonetheless have some doubts however, if she is, then Liz’s mother is a villain.

Within the 150th episode, there was loads of give attention to an explosively particular plot reveal regarding The Blacklists overarching mythos. Nonetheless, there was lots of foreshadowing for Katarina and her daughter, Liz. Each events know that Pink is aware of Katarina faked her dying and is alive. Liz additionally appears to be awakening to the actual fact Pink’s days are probably numbered.

In accordance with Katarina, the explanation for her monstrous conduct is Pink’s fault as a result of he will not inform her what she needs to know. The sought-after data appears to be a mix of Pink’s true identification (good luck discovering that out) and whoever is making an attempt to kill her. She hasn’t made great progress with in both respect between The Blacklists Season 7 premiere and the present’s 150th episode.

By the point that “Roy Cain” ended, Katarina had threatened to homicide Dembe’s Imam, Sadiq Asmal, until Dembe agreed to spill Pink’s secrets and techniques. Dembe was on the verge of doing so when Pink confirmed up and disrupted issues. The Blacklist’s150th episode ended with out Katarina’s horrifying tactic succeeding, hough it confirmed how far she was prepared to go to “win.”

Many may argue that Pink has additionally threatened lives to get info however, to my data, he has not finished that with a recognized harmless on The Blacklist. Katarina has, and he or she didn’t exactly affirm to Liz that she was bluffing. The justification is self-preservation and data that’s not completely her enterprise (Pink’s identification), until you think about unhappy curiosity sufficient of an incentive.

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Katarina’s willingness to torture individuals is totally horrifying. She did it with Pink in the beginning of Season 7, and he or she did it to the true Ilya Koslov, who she left emotionally damaged afterward. The Blacklist has expressed to viewers that they will “belief” Katarina, however that does not imply she’s not a villain.

Katarina was by no means recognized to be a heroine on any stage. Her time on The Blacklist throughout Season 7 has solidified that she will not be an antiheroine, both. Liz’s mother is a full-blown villain prepared to do no matter it takes within the identify of herself. I do not purchase that she has some other motive, and I’m not sympathetic. So let the fallout and Pink’s subsequent transfer start!

Threatening Dembe’s Imam ought to have been it for Liz, and but she continues to have a tender spot for her horrible mom on The Blacklist. If Liz does not act quick, her descent into her mom’s stage of villainy will not be far behind. In any case, doing nothing is identical as being complicit.

The Blacklists most up-to-date season ended with Pink warning Katarina that she was at risk. If he was the villain that Katarina appears to be making an attempt to persuade Liz that he’s, then he would not have alerted Katarina. It is solely introduced him bother, and Pink might be regretting that now.

Pink’s act of compassion led to Katarina’s squad capturing her father (and Pink’s good pal) and leaving him in a coma. How issues play out with Katarina’s dad, Dom, is among the many facets of the present that ought to get addressed when Season 7 involves its early conclusion. However nevertheless the Season 7 finale concludes, I cannot be Crew Katarina by the top of it.

Tune in to see what occurs subsequent with Katarina when the part-animated/half live-action Season 7 finale of The Blacklist airs this coming Friday, Might 15, at eight p.m. ET on NBC. Fortunately, TV followers have this summer time’s premieres to assist sit up for afterward. You may as well watch previous villains roam The Blacklist by streaming earlier seasons on Netflix, together with numerous 2020 arrivals.


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