The Blind Side’s Producers Say How Much Money Michael Oher Made From The Movie


The Blind Side’s Producers Say How Much Money Michael Oher Made From The Movie:

The makers of the award-winning movie “The Blind Side” are trying to clear up “many mischaracterizations as well as uninformed opinions” about the movie by saying how much cash the Tuohy family as well as Michael Oher really made.

In the past month, the 2009 movie starring Sandra Bullock has been called into question because of the ongoing public feud between the Tuohys as well as Oher. In a recent court filing, Oher said that the Tuohys never really adopted him and forced him into a conservatorship for their own financial gain.

What’s Really Going On?

The feel-good movie was based on Michael Lewis’s nonfiction book of the same name, which came out in 2006. It recounted the tale of Michael Oher, a foster child who was living in poverty until Sean as well as Leigh Anne Tuohy took him in.

The couple pushed Oher to do well in football, and he eventually went on to play in the NFL.

But Oher says he was never really adopted from the Tuohys, and cases and public comments about the truth beneath the movie have started a war of words.

The Family, Which Included Oher, Paid A Total Of $767,000:

Alcon Entertainment co-founders as well as co-CEOs Broderick Johnson as well as Andrew Kosove supported the project and said how much money Sean, Leigh-Anne, Collins, SJ, and Oher made.

Both of the movie’s directors, Johnson and Kosove, said in a statement that the family, including Oher, was paid a total of about $767,000.

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The statement said that the deal “was in line with what the market was like at the time for the rights of little-known people.” “Because of this, it didn’t include big payouts if the movie did well.”

Oher Launched A Lawsuit Saying That The Tuohys Never Really Took Him In As Their Own Child:

Oher sued the Tuohys earlier this month, saying that they never really took him in as their own child. Instead, he says that he was put in a guardianship and that his family were permitted to make a lot of money from the movie without his permission.

Since then, everyone from the movie company that made the movie to Oher’s brother has had something to say about it.

Leigh and Sean Anne Tuohy, who were played by Tim McGraw as well as Sandra Bullock in the Oscar-winning movie, told The Hollywood Reporter that they gave Oher an equal share of every bit they got from the movie and that they are the victims of a $15 million “shakedown” that he set up.

The Couple Said Oher Scared Them By Saying, “He Is Going To Put A Negative Story Regarding Them With The Press If They Fail To Provide Him $15 Million”:

The “devastated” couple said that the custody was put in place to help Oher, not hurt him. The Tuohys’ lawyer, Marty Singer, also said that Oher “threatened” the couple by saying that “he was going to write a negative story regarding them with the press until they gave him $15 million.”

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“The Tuohys took Mr. Oher into their home and gave him discipline, support, as well as most of all, love that didn’t depend on anything he did. They have always treated him like one among their three kids and a son.

He told them he was going to spread a bad story regarding them to reach the press if they didn’t pay him $15 million, among other threats, Singer wrote, as reported by Variety.

Marty Singer Said That The Accusations Made Against His Family Were Not True:

“Because of this, the idea that Alcon paid the Tuohys millions of dollars to hurt Michael Oher was false.” Oher’s filing says that he didn’t find out he was adopted until 2023 and that he felt like the Tuohys tricked him into a conservatorship after he turned 18.

In a statement we got, the lawyer for the Tuohy family, Marty Singer, said that the accusations Oher made in his plea to end his custody were “hurtful and ridiculous.” “”The Blind Side” made more than $330 million at the box office, and since it came out, it has made even more.

Alcon Entertainment, Gave $200,000 To Leigh Anne Tuohy’s Charity:

Oher’s letter also talks about how Fox’s new owner, Alcon Entertainment, gave $200,000 to Leigh Anne Tuohy’s charity, the Make It Possible Foundation.

Oher said that the money went to Tuohy’s organization “because of how well the movie did,” but he did not see any other payments like that.