The Bloodborne demake project advances and shows us what the battle against Cleric Beast would be like on PSX


If you are a lover of FromSoftware in general and Bloodborne In particular, you may be interested to know that a demake of the game is currently in development. Today a new update of the project has been published, and this allows us to see what the first battle against a final boss of the game would look like if the title had been released in its day for the first PlayStation.

Indeed, this new video shows the battle against the Cleric Beast. And as you can see for yourself below, the battle looks really good. In addition, it includes the same melody that sounded in the PS4 title, but made with a real Roland SC-88.

As Wccftech highlights, this demake update has been published and Twitter by the project developer, Lilith Walthe. This is the content of the message that accompanies your publication:

“Today’s #BloodbornePSX dev thread shows a bit more polish on the Cleric Beast boss fight, including tracking game progression. The initial encounter will have the introductory segment, while rematches will skip it to get to fight faster. Lucidity is also granted before and after. “.

Remember that, currently, Bloodborne is still a completely exclusive PS4 title (backward compatible with PS5, yes). There have been many rumors about a possible remastering for PC and PS5, but Sony has not yet commented on it.

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At this time, there are also no (known) plans for a sequel to the title. Something that fans have been asking for a long time and that, according to FromSoftware, is in the hands of Sony itself.