The bride escaped after robbing her husband on the very next day of marriage, found in such condition after nine months


Madhya Pradesh: Married at night and in the morning the bride cheated her husband and recovered 80 thousand rupees and fled in the morning. The robbery bride, who ran away on the very next day of marriage, got it after about 9 months. She was also found in such a condition that she was surprised to see her husband. Actually the cheating wife was caught with her real husband. Before running away, she had licked one lakh rupees in the name of marriage. Now 9 months later, the same groom caught her robbed bride along with her real husband and another young woman. The accused were going to cheat someone else. Also Read – Poonam Pandey and Sem Bombay Passionate KISS on Romantic Honeymoon; For the first time, Actress saw such pictures

The incident is from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, where bus conductor Chandrashekhar Malviya married a woman named Asha 9 months ago. Chandrasekhar told that this marriage was done by an intermediary named Chander Nagar. Asha had recovered 80 thousand rupees from Chandrasekhar to get married. On the very next day of marriage she ran away as an excuse. Chandrasekhar told that by then a total of one lakh rupees had been spent on him. Also Read – Monalisa’s romance with Pawan Singh at the peak, said on the honeymoon – Raat Suhani hai … Diya Gul Kara Rani

Fraudulent groom Chandrasekhar Malviya told that his family complained from Nanakheda police station to senior police officers, but no clue of the robbery bride could be found. Incidentally, Chandrashekhar was seen sitting in a bus with someone else. He immediately informed the police. The police stopped the bus at Mahamrityunjaya gate and took the bride and a young woman and the young man accompanying it into custody. Also Read – Wonderful: Corona positive made without samples, people said – will you kill

When the three were questioned by the police, it was found that the young man caught with them is the real husband of this robbery bride. The husband and wife together were going to trap someone else in the clutches of marriage. When the police caught the robbery bride, she started crying bitterly. She told the police everything and said that she was regretting what she had done.


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