The brutal training of Max Verstappen to defend his title in Formula 1

The hard training of Max Verstappen in the preseason. The world champion will seek to retain the title with his Red Bull.

“Without pain there is no gain”, affirms the post of the team Red Bull from Formula 1which shows the training it undergoes Max Verstappen, which in 2022 will defend the title with its brand new car, the RB18. In order to arrive in the best shape, the riders of the Austrian team pushed themselves to the maximum with some machines to experience the G-Force, in a season in which a technical regulation will be released that changed the cars by 80 percent.

Over the years, motorsports became increasingly demanding and at the highest level such as F1, its protagonists became athletes with preparations that are increasingly demanding because the current cars are around the 1,000 horsepower and so many times exceed 300 kilometers.

In the video published by the energy drink team, the Dutchman is seen with some power machines to develop his neck and torso and the effort of the 24-year-old pilot is noted, who receives shouts of encouragement from his physical trainer. Everything is to get to the start of the season in the best shape, which will be on March 20 in Bahrain, although this Wednesday the action will begin with the first pre-season tests, at the Montmeló Autodrome.

The training of Sergio “Checo” Pérez, the Mexican Red Bull driver.

“I don’t feel any extra pressure this year, I’ll just do what I always do because I don’t think there’s any reason to be different. Now I can’t wait for that first moment when I come out of the pit lane with the RB18″, said Verstappen at the presentation of his team’s new car.

His partner was also not spared the demand and Sergio “Checo” Pérez is also seen how he works his arms with a steering wheel similar to the one that cars have, but in a device that has weight and complicates steering. The Mexican will start his 13th season in the category; the second with Red Bull.

The elements that Verstappen used are designed for drivers to prepare their bodies against the force of gravity that they are exposed to in each race. F1 drivers often experience 5G when braking, 2G when accelerating and from 4G to 7G when cornering. In addition, all Máxima cars have an ADR (Accident Data Recorder) device installed, which records speed and G-forces. For example, Max’s accident in 2021 at Silverstone was 51G.

Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen in the boxes at the Silverstone Autodrome (@redbullracing)
Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen in the boxes at the Silverstone Autodrome (@redbullracing)

The G-Force is a measure of acceleration based on what Earth’s gravity could produce on any object. The equivalent of a standard gravity force is 1G. The references that are registered in F1 are a sample of the demand that its drivers have and that is why year after year the preparation is harder and harder.

This season, after 40 years, F1 cars will once again use an aerodynamic system called “ground effect”, which will allow them to stay close to the ground and thus gain speed. In addition, they removed the accessories such as upper and lower deflectors (something that will complicate the air intake) and this would make it more difficult to drive. are added the 18 inch tires replacing the 13, another key point to improve adherence to the asphalt and be faster. These variants -in theory- would deliver a better show on the track.

The truth will begin to reveal itself this Wednesday in Montmeló, where the action will begin. For now there will be only one car per team and the runners will take turns driving. Every second above the cars will be worth gold in this new stage to get the adaptation as soon as possible.


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