The case of Bully 2: more details about its development and cancellation are revealed


Members of Rockstar New England, who preferred to remain anonymous, discussed this ambitious project.

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Many things have already been said about Bully 2, the sequel to the famous Rockstar Games title that never saw the light of day. Now, and thanks to a report from GameInformer, we know new details about the sad story behind this project, including information about what it might have been like if it was released to the public.

The project had to go on hold for other games“Rockstar New England wanted to be the golden boy of the company, but he was very hard when Rockstar North was the one that produced all the golden eggs back then, “mentions an anonymous developer.” Living in the shadow of someone with a shadow as big as Rockstar North, and trying to rob that place, is very difficult and almost impossible“.

The report indicates that Rockstar New England was extremely excited to develop Bully 2, but the project had to stay on. waiting, in favor of titles that had major problems during their development, such as Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

Bully 2

Rockstar acquired the Mad Doc Software studio in 2008, which renamed to Rockstar New England. As a tradition, each studio investment needed to prove that their purchase ‘was worth it’ by working on a ‘great launch’ for the company. In New England’s case, that title was Bully 2.

The game had 6 or 8 hours of finished contentMarc Anthony RodriguezThe title was playable, as we had heard previously, and “had approximately 6 to 8 hours of finished content, “he said Marc Anthony Rodriguez, a former Rockstar NYC analyst. There were missions with Go Karts, and even a reference to The Simpsons within Kamp Krusty. Bully 2 had nods to The Goonies, Porky, various NPCs walking around and doing chores, among other things, but obviously none of that came out of the development phase.

Rockstar Games has not shared anything regarding Bully 2, but thanks to reports like this, we know that the project existed, and he was even on the right track. Other titles were considered more important and they used the efforts of the company and the experience of the team that was in charge of this video game.

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