The Casinos of Goa are Offering to Help Fight Coronavirus


As the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the globe, some countries and regions are dealing with it better than others. One excellent example is Goa, which has responded to it in a positive way. While the local government has showcased an excellent ability to manage the pandemic, it has had some help from some of the best casinos in India. People may be surprised by this, but for anyone who knows just how much work casinos undertake in the community, the help they’ve provided really shouldn’t come as a shock.

The casinos’ support has been delivered in a number of different ways. While some casino groups have provided the Goa government and local businesses with funds, medicines and other vital supplies have been offered.

CSR Divisions Showing their Worth 

The Corporate Social Responsibility departments of a number of different casino operators have worked extremely hard to make sure that Goa has received the support it needs during this crisis. There are a lot of different examples of casinos offering both financial support and supplies.

One of the most prominent areas of help has been focused on people who are stranded within the region. With almost 30 people from Georgia all stuck in Goa, the CSR provided somewhere to stay and food to eat. The promise has also been made that this provision will stay in place until the Georgians are able to return to their own country.

This aid was specifically provided by The Casino Pride Group, which also donated a large sum of money to the Chief Minister of Goa’s relief fund. On top of this, they also worked hard to make sure that support workers have been able to eat during this difficult time. They took steps to keep casino kitchens open and able to provide meals to members of the police forces in some of the regions struck most heavily. This powerful demonstration of generosity and compassion shows how remarkable some people can be in challenging circumstances.

Of course, they weren’t the only casino to provide help during this time: the Deltin Group also provided a large cash donation to the relief fund. This group is also working hard to make sure that medicine and supplies are delivered to people in need within the region.

All of this is an excellent example of how the casino industry has pushed itself to try and support the Goa government in dealing with the coronavirus. It’s a major factor contributing to Goa’s outstanding response to the pandemic.

Stepping out of the Shadows

With the effects of the pandemic starting to slow down, it’s also important to see how Goa is trying to survive in a post Covid-19 world. The Chief Minister of the area has spoken about how the first wave of work was vital in helping Goa to maintain a good level of protection. However, he has also started to speak about how the next wave is just as important.

As the coronavirus still hasn’t gone away, despite being controlled in many areas, Goa will have to be careful to ensure it remains safe for months (or years) to come. The Chief Minister has spoken of the need to be sensible when coming out of lockdown and opening up the economy again. It’s vital that businesses behave responsibly and avoid compromising safety by rushing to recoup losses.

As casinos make up a large amount of the revenue that Goa brings in, resuming normal operations will need to be managed correctly in order to get the economy moving again while maintaining the safety of residents and visitors.

When the economy opens up again, the casinos will have to work hard to make sure that measures are in place that protect everyone. An outbreak at a casino would not just be disastrous in terms of public health — it would also cause a huge problem for casinos’ future revenue. If patrons are unable to trust the casino with their safety, they may choose to go elsewhere in the future. Reputational damage is also a risk in such situations.

So, what does all this mean in combination? While casinos have provided a lot of help for Goa recently and at present, they’ll need to keep it up in the future for the good of their communities.


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