The characters of Back 4 Blood that arrive in the future will do so via paid DLC, confirm those responsible


Turtle Rock has participated in a question and answer session where it has clarified this and more doubts.

Last year, Back 4 Blood He surprised Left 4 Dead lovers with a proposal that kept the essence of the saga but adapted to the times. However, since Turtle Rock Studios They have had to continue working on the balance of the game, adjusting the difficulty and even having to add a highly demanded offline progression.

A few days ago, the development team has directly attended to the players through a Reddit AMA, that is, a question and answer session where Phil Robb, co-founder of the study and creative director of the title, has tried to solve the doubts of the users. What has attracted the most attention is a question regarding the next content that will arrive in the future that has been echoed by GamingBolt, whose answer has confirmed that new characters will arrive via paid DLC.

They can be purchased with the season pass or individuallyIt is something that had been discussed a long time ago, but players had doubts about whether some would be free or would there be different ways to get them. Robb has made it clear that they will be linked to the DLCs (for which he does not offer a date), but the purchase of the season pass will be optional, allowing purchase individually to the characters.

He also mentioned that new cosmetic elements will arrive, such as appearances for existing characters or decks of cards and weapons, although they cannot anticipate when we will see the next update. Asked if there will be future PvP modes, has replied that there are no plans at the moment to include them.

It is possible that Turtle Rock will increase the content that will be coming to the game in the future, since right now are in a better position after being acquired by Tencent. The title is a festival of action and zombies that offers us many hours to enjoy, especially with friends, although if you want to read more about it you can take a look at the analysis of Back 4 Blood that we publish in this house.

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