The cleaning lady won the election, the office she used to clean, will now sit on her chair

Kollam (Kerala): The office where she used to clean, Anandvalli (46 years old) has now got the chair of the same office. Anandavalli has won the Municipal Election. Anandavalli started cleaning cleanly in the Nagar Panchayat office with a salary of two thousand. Also Read – Sabarimala, where Hindu devotees walk around the mosque and take a dip in the church pond

Anandavalli had not even imagined that one day she would become the head of the local body when she reached the Patnapuram block panchayat to work as a non-partisan sweeper a decade ago. A symbol of empowerment of the underprivileged, Anandavalli (46) of the Scheduled Castes has been elected the President of the Panchayat after the recent local body elections. Also Read – Kerala wants loan from abroad by taking huge discounts from central government, World Bank team will meet CM Vijayan

CPI-M member Anandavalli said, “I never thought that I would be able to reach such a high position in an office where I was working as a part-time scavenger.” Proposed the name of Anandavalli for the post of Block President. Also Read – NIPAH Virus: Diseases of the virus not spread by bats and pigs, revealed in investigation

CPI-M candidate Anandavalli won this seat in the elections in Talavur Division by a large margin. In the 13-member Block Panchayat of Patnapuram, the LDF won 13 seats while the main opposition Congress-led UDF won six seats. Anandavalli took over as president on December 30 after being elected the LDF leader in the council. The post of president was reserved for scheduled castes or women.

When asked about how the family, friends and locals reacted to his achievement, he said, “My village is very happy”. Some other members of Anandavalli’s family are associated with the CPI (M). Her husband is a member of the local committee of the party. Anandavalli said that till last week, the officials who used to deliver tea to the block office, were also happy to see them at the top post of block panchayat.

CPI’s branch committee member Anandavalli said, “They encouraged me to contest elections.” Initially, I was a little hesitant but on the persuasion of those people, I decided to contest elections. Everyone helped me. “

Anandavalli used to deliver tea and water to the chairman, officials and council members in the hall during the project review meetings. He said, “I used to listen intently to the issues raised by the members in the meetings.” I am aware of this. Now I will take information about everything from the process to the various workings. “

Anandavalli, who has studied till intermediate, said that she will take help of her party colleagues and officials to do justice to this post and take appropriate decisions. Anandavalli was associated with the Panchayat office in 2011 as a part-time cleaner. Till the year 2017, he used to get a monthly salary of Rs 2,000. Later this amount was increased to Rs 6,000.