The co-creator of Halo believes that the Halo Infinite campaign recovers “the magic” of the saga and congratulates the authors


Marcus Lehto worked on several installments of the franchise, an influence that has accompanied him on other projects.

If you are fans of Halo, you will probably know the name of Marcus Lehto, a former Bungie employee who was involved in the development of several installments of the franchise. Now, said professional is part of SHE as the leader of the new development team in Seattle, but he has not completely shed the Master Chief. In this sense, he admitted the influence of Halo and Bungie for his game Disintegration (which did not turn out very well) and continues admiring the work of 343 Industries from the player’s perspective.

Halo Infinite campaign brings back the magic of HaloMarcus LehtoIt’s been just under a month since the Halo Infinite campaign was released, and there are still users who are marveling at the ideas of 343 Industries. This brings us to Lehto, who has joined this wave publicly congratulating To the developers of the Master Chief’s latest adventure: “Hats off to my friends in 343. The Halo Infinite Campaign recover the magic of Halo. I am enjoying my return to Master! “

After all, Halo Infinite has managed to reach the high expectations of an audience eager to see the Master Chief again. And while the development of the title has seen some most threatening setbacks, it seems that the end result has captivated all nostalgic fans of Halo.

From 3DJuegos we could not agree more with Lehto, as we told you in our Halo Infinite analysis that he managed to mix doses of nostalgia with magnificent shooter action scenes. In addition, the title continues to expand the experience of users with all kinds of updates, which leaves us with very enjoyable content and typical memes of the franchise, as we have seen with the latest Mister Chief DLC.

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