The company claims, its mouthwash kills 99.9% of the corona virus when rinse for 30 seconds


new Delhi: Unilever, which manufactures products used in daily life (FMCG), is about to introduce its mouthwash formulation in India. The company claims that 99.9 percent of corona virus is eliminated by rinsing 30 seconds with this mouthwash. Also Read – In the new cases of COVID-19, Delhi left Maharashtra behind, including Mumbai, such figures are worrying

“Unilever has confirmed this,” the company said in a statement, with preliminary tests conducted in the lab suggesting that its mouthwash formulation with CPC technology was responsible for the SARS-COV-2 virus responsible for Kovid-19 after 30 seconds of rinse. 99.9 percent. ” Also Read – COVAXIN is effective or not? Vaccine will be given to 50% of 1000 people in Phase 3 trial: Dr. Rao

The company said, “This way it reduces the spread of infection. The result of the experiment suggests that mouthwash can also become an integral part in preventive measures such as washing hands, creating a safe distance between themselves, and wearing masks. ” Also Read – 33 trainee IAS officers met positive at Corona at Civil Services Training Academy, Mussoorie

Glyn Roberts, Unilever’s head of oral care research and development, said, “It is clear that our mouthwash is not a solution to the corona virus and is not even proven to be effective in preventing infection, but our results are encouraging.” He said, in view of the outbreak of epidemic, the company feels that the results obtained in the laboratory should be shared publicly.


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