The complaint of Kafeel Khan and Yogi reached the United Nations, writing a letter to UNHRC

Dr. Kafeel Khan of Gorakhpur has brought his fight against the Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh to international level. Kafeel Khan has recently been released from jail following allegations made under the National Security Act (NSA) and is now living in Jaipur. In a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Kafeel Khan has spoken of the misuse of strict laws like NSA and UAPA to suppress the voice of widespread violation and disagreement of international human safety standards in India. Also Read – India listens to OIC, Turkey and Pakistan commenting on Kashmir

In his letter, Khan thanked this UN body for urging the Government of India to ‘protect the human rights of activists after they were arrested in a peaceful manner to protest against the CAA’ and also Said that the government “did not hear his appeal.” Khan wrote, “Charges are being made against terrorism and national security laws using police powers against defenders of human rights. This will affect India’s poor and marginalized community. ‘ Also Read – Dr. Kafeel will join Congress! Said – Priyanka Gandhi supported me in my difficult times

On June 26, the UN body wrote to the Indian government, citing 11 cases against Kafeel Khan and Sharjeel Imam, among others, “serious allegations of human rights violations, many of which include torture during arrest and To abuse. Also Read – Kafeel Khan made a statement after his release from jail- UP government is doing ‘Bal Hatha’ instead of performing ‘Rajdharma’

Regarding the days spent in jail, Khan wrote, ‘I was mentally and physically tortured and deprived of food and water for many days and I was dehumanized during my 7 months’ imprisonment in Mathura Jail with over capacity prisoners. treated with. Fortunately, the High Court rejected the NSA and 3 extensions imposed on me. ‘

Apart from this, in his letter, on August 10, 2017, Khan also referred to the case of death of many children due to lack of oxygen in Baba Raghav Das Medical College, Gorakhpur. The High Court in its order dated 25 April 2018 stated that ‘no evidence of medical negligence was found against him and he was not even involved in the tender process of oxygen’. However, Khan is still suspended from his job.

(Input: IANS)

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