The complaint that America will file for the arbitration before Puebla

(Foto: Twitter/@ClubPueblaMX)
(Foto: Twitter/@ClubPueblaMX)

After the America club tied 1-1 with Puebla, in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the MX Leaguethe Coapa team did not leave the field of the Cuauhtemoc Stadium because different actions that were not sanctioned within the field of play bothered the bluecreams.

Thus, The Eagles will file a complaint with the Disciplinary Commission for the work he did Louis Henry Santander, main referee of the match. Among the claims that the Americanists would expose would be the faults that were not marked, mainly the one that was carried out against Federico Viñassince they considered that the player from Puebla could have received a sanction.

Club América would present a letter to the Commission of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) in which I would argue the deficiencies of Luis Santander, since he considered that he did not do a good job to qualify the actions that caused two modifications due to injury to the box Ferdinand Ortiz.

The first reports of Viñas' health is that a possible fracture has already been ruled out (Photo: YouTube/ TV Azteca Deportes)
The first reports of Viñas’ health is that a possible fracture has already been ruled out (Photo: YouTube/ TV Azteca Deportes)

And it is that two clear infringement actions were not penalized, reason why the directive considered that the arbitration was deficient. It should be remembered that it would be the second time that the American team complained about arbitration, mainly Luis Enrique, because on Matchday 5 of Liga MX an infraction against Álvaro Fidalgo also generated disagreement.

On that occasion Santiago Bathssports president of the club, addressed the Disciplinary Commission and he spread the letter that he presented to the organization because he listed the refereeing failures in that match; however, the letter did not proceed.

The America’s first injury during the league it happened at 15 minutes when Viñas disputed a ball Very close to the small area, he tried to finish off with a sweep but on his way he crossed the defense John Paul Segoviawho with a sweep hit Viñas in the leg and nailed the studs to his right foot.

Fernando Ortiz, coach of America in Liga MX (Photo: Twitter/ @ClubAmerica)
Fernando Ortiz, coach of America in Liga MX (Photo: Twitter/ @ClubAmerica)

Due to the speed with which both players collided, the Uruguayan was the one who got the worst part because he was lying on the grass and did not recover; Medical assistance immediately entered to attend to the Americanist attacker.

Federico Viñas did not stop complaining about the pain, so the Coapa strategist was forced to make a change in his line-up. It was like that Herny Martín he had to enter the field of play to replace his partner.

At the time of the action, the other members of Club América demanded that a penalty be awarded because, due to the fact that the action occurred within the small area, it could have been sanctioned with the maximum penalty; They also demanded the expulsion of Juan Pablo Segovia, but Luis Santander did not score anything and let the game run.

Nicolás Larcamón's team tied 1-1 with América (Photo: EFE/ Carlos Ramírez)
Nicolás Larcamón’s team tied 1-1 with América (Photo: EFE/ Carlos Ramírez)

Another of the sanctions that the directive would advocate cream blue would be the blow he received louis sources in the first time; again in a fight for the ball, Fuentes received a strong stomp for Paul Parra. Again the visiting team requested the expulsion of the element of the Larcaboysbut the referee limited himself to showing him the yellow card.

After those actions, the first goal fell until the second half at minute 55 by The fringe. Fernando Aristeguieta was in charge of signing the first goal of the duel; however the set of Nicholas Larcamon could not defend the minimum advantage and at 80 of the match Sebastián Cáceres made the tie.

The return will be played the next Saturday May 14 in it Aztec stadium at 18:00 hrs.


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