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The conclusive phrase of the Denver Nuggets coach when asked about the role of Facundo Campazzo in the team

Malone and Campazzo;  a relationship in the process of adaptation (EFE / EPA / JOHN G. MABANGLO)
Malone and Campazzo; a relationship in the process of adaptation (EFE / EPA / JOHN G. MABANGLO)

With adrenaline spikes from his electric style, talent and attitude, Facundo Campazzo goes through its adaptation period in the NBA. After having been a shining figure in Real Madrid and the Argentine national team, the 29-year-old point guard is forced to squeeze every possibility in Denver Nuggets, just as it has been doing. It is natural in the world of the most competitive basketball league in the world, especially in an armed franchise, a finalist in the last edition of the tournament, and in which one of its stars is the starting point guard, Jamal Murray.

In the last loss to Utah Jazz By 109 to 105, the Cordovan played 11 minutes, in which he collected five points, two assists and a rebound. At the moment, the Nuggets have an uneven gait, with six wins and seven losses in the Western Conference. Of course, the questions about the Campazzo case, about what he contributes and what each of his participations generates in social networks, became recurring in the Denver press conferences after the meetings. AND Mike Malone He was conclusive when speaking of the function he planned, at least for this stage, for Facundo.

“The role of Campazzo is what he is playing right now. It is a bank base. It is a piece in attack in the second line. He is not going to have the ball for 40 minutes as he does in Argentina or he did in Real Madrid “he warned conclusively.

Of course, Campazzo’s effort and performance can make room for it. At the moment, he averages just over 12 minutes and 4.7 points per game. The phrase does not run a whit the coach’s consideration on the base. It is simply an X-ray of reality.

In fact, Malone was one of those who pushed to incorporate him to the squad. “We are looking for strong and intelligent players and it is difficult to find players with these characteristics, as Facu has them,” explained the coach why the hiring was made. “What I love about Facu is that you can’t judge it by its size. He is not the tallest, nor the strongest, but his heart is huge, he plays with passion and pride“He added on January 7, in a video posted by the NBA.

“He is a legend in Europe and I am happy that we now have him in the NBA. I don’t see how they can’t fall in love with a player like Facu“, He concluded then. As he can offer pills of his ability and intelligence, Campazzo will gain greater prominence in the rotation. And the role, gradually, will change, as it has already happened in Peñarol and Real Madrid. With challenges and patience, the Cordoba knows a lot …


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