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The confessions of a former teammate of Maradona at Napoli: the food that drove him crazy and how much the Ten would be worth today

Diego Maradona and Antonio Careca at Napoli (Reuters).
Diego Maradona and Antonio Careca at Napoli (Reuters).

They formed a successful partnership at Napoli and from that bond on the pitch they forged a great friendship. Antonio Careca was very close to Diego Armando Maradona and the Brazilian spoke of what the Ten meant in his time and made an analogy of the incalculable value of the Argentine if he played today. In dialogue with El Enganche (947 FM Radio), left rich testimonies.

“The first meeting with Diego marked me. He came to my house and gave me a hug. He opened the doors for me. The following Monday we trained for the first time and it was all easy. We spoke the same language. Maradona was joy. People enjoyed seeing it ”, said the former striker. Together they won in the Italian team a Scudetto (today Serie A) in 1989/1990, a UEFA Cup (1989) and an Italian Super Cup (1990).

“He was easy to play with, but he also had his difficult moments, because he had to be more prepared than to play with anyone. He lived with genius. The best assist he gave me against Roma. He saw a millimeter and threw the ball at me, ”he recalled.

Imagine what Diego would be like today at 22, 23 or 24 years old. No club could afford it. Maradona would not have a club for the money that would come out. Not a whole bank would reach “, stressed the former attacker from Guaraní, San Pablo, Santos, Campiñas and San José in his country.

In addition to his talent, he explained why Maradona could lead his teammates to victory. “Diego was always present. In the most difficult hours, he always was. He knew of his responsibility. He knew that he could win a game alone, but that a team was built with an entire group. And he led it. He called for responsibility, ”he added.

Maradona goals at Napoli 1986-87

However Fluff He didn’t just stand out on a playing field. He was also a great teammate off the court and this is how the 60-year-old Paulista described him: “Maradona was a leader. Inside and outside he always fought for everyone. For the utility man, for the masseur, for the last of the bank. He was a born leader. He was always the captain ”.

Their close relationship led them to share good times with their families and confessed what brazilian food did he love to the remembered captain of the Argentine team. “With Diego we went out camouflaged with our children. He had to hide from the fans and it was difficult. We ate churrasco with him and Claudia. To Maradona the feijoada drove him crazy”, He assured.

“Diego was a special person. It was a phenomenon. Someone unique. We will remember it forever. He was not only great as a player. He was great as a person and as my friend. We will never forget it ”, he described.

He also revealed his desire to visit Diego’s grave: “I want to go to Argentina to say goodbye to Diego at the cemetery. I remember one of the first things He told me that he wanted to go pay his respects to Ayrton Senna’s grave. Those who gave joy to the people must be celebrated “. It should be remembered that in 1998, Careca invited Diego to the Morumbí cemetery to see the place where the remains of the three-time Formula 1 world champion rest.

Finally, he compared his time with the current one and indicated that today he would have more chances to convert. “Today I would make more goals than in my time. The courts are better than they used to be. The teams are better. Everything is better”.

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