The controversial message of Cruz Azul’s baton to America

Those deployed in Coapa (Twitter: @SangreAzulNA)
Those deployed in Coapa (Twitter: @SangreAzulNA)

It’s day of Classic Young on the court of Aztec stadium, shared house of America with Blue Cross. For several decades, both teams have been involved in a rivalry that today has become one of the strongest rivals in Mexican football. The events that have marked this rivalry date back to four finals that have played between these two “greats” of Aztec football.

On this occasion, the bar Blue blood heated up the meeting with different messages that were displayed prior to the dispute of the Classic Young. In the vicinity of Aztec stadium the truncheon left posters in which it was possible to read: “The Classic was invented by you. The city is ours ”, while at the Coapa facilities they left a blanket and wreaths as if it were a funeral.

Outside of the facilities of the NestUnderneath the emblem of the institution, the amateur group of Cruz Azul placed three flower crowns and a blanket in which it could be seen: “Chespirito died, Televisa is dying and you trembling.”

This theme was given by the Day of the DeadEven hours before the confrontation on the Azteca court, a caravan was held in which they would carry out a “funeral for the hated rival”.

In their social networks, the fans of Cruz Azul spoke out (Photo: Twitter / @ SangreAzulNA)
In their social networks, the fans of Cruz Azul spoke out (Photo: Twitter / @ SangreAzulNA)

The messages in the vicinity of the Azteca Stadium were seen from the first minutes of this morning that were posted by the members of the Blue blood. The deployed alluded to the eternal rivalry between both teams and where the blue head cream club crest was shown. In addition to pointing out that the Classic had been a creation of the Americanists.

Dozens of members of the bar Blue Cross They went on Saturday night to the Colossus of Santa Úrsula to be able to show the messages displayed. However, hours before the clash between Águilas and Cementeros, most of the posters were displayed on the ground and in garbage bags, as they were torn by fans of the America, street vendors and by the police force.

During the move of the cement team to the Santa Úrsula site, in the Opening 2018, the azulcrema fans were in charge of charging cheek against the azulinos, because in that edition of the Classic they were in charge of sending a message to remind them that the team of The Ferris Wheel he was in a place that was not his home.

Santiago Solari after America lost the Concachampions.  (Photo: @ TheChampions / Twitter)
Santiago Solari after America lost the Concachampions. (Photo: @ TheChampions / Twitter)

The match would not only mark the dispute by three points, since the Eagles seek victory despite the classification and the assured leadership of the competition, as they want to patch up the bitter drink of midweek when they fell in the final of the Concacaf Champions League at the hands of the Rayados del Monterrey. In addition, a victory could help a reconciliation with the fans that were quite upset after the international runner-up.

On the other hand, he appeared at the meeting with 20 points scored, the product of 14 games played, four wins, eight draws and two losses. To consolidate a victory against America, it could be close to the direct qualification sites to the Big party of Mexican soccer.

Both teams have an extreme need to be able to win the match, the Young Classic has become necessary for both teams.


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