The Country Artist And Producer Charlie Robison Has Died At The Age Of 59


The Country Artist And Producer Charlie Robison Has Died At The Age Of 59:

Charlie Robison, a country singer and producer who had hits like “I Want You Bad” as well as “My Hometown,” has passed. He turned 59.

Robison’s wife, Kristen, wrote on Facebook that he had died. “It breaks my heart to tell you that my husband Charlie Robison died today. He was surrounded through his loved ones. My heart hurts so much. Please pray for myself, our kids, and the rest of our family.”

One of the members of the First Family of Texas Music has died at the age of 59. He was a well-known singer and songwriter in Texas and other places for nearly 30 years.

Charlie Robison Died Of A Heart Attack At A Hospital In San Antonio On Sunday:

A family member said that Charlie Robison died at a hospital in San Antonio on September 10 after having a heart attack. A family member claimed the Associated Press that the musician died in a San Antonio hospital after having a heart attack and other problems.

Robison was born on September 1, 1964. He started making music in the 1980s, when he played in Austin bands like Chaparral as well as Two Hoots and a Holler. Later, he formed the Millionaire Playboys.

Bandera, his first record as a solo artist, came out in 1996. in 1998, Robison signed alongside Sony and put out “Life of the Party” on its Lucky Dog label, which put out country music that was more raw.

Hit songs like “My Hometown” as well as “Sunset Boulevard” are on the record. The song “I Want You Bad” from Robison’s 2001 album “Step Right Up” made it into the top 40 of the Hot Country Songs list.

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Robison’s Sister, Robyn Ludwick, Wrote A Tribute To Charlie Upon Sunday And Posted It On Social Media:

Robison’s sister, Robyn Ludwick, paid respect to Charlie upon social media on Sunday as well as said that her heart had been “broken within the deepest, the majority irreparable way.”

She wrote on Facebook, “My big brother Charlie died with his family around him.” “Please play Charlie Robison’s music over and over again. That’s what he would have wanted.”

In 2018, Robison said that he could no longer sing because problems from surgery upon his throat had made it impossible for him to do so again. The singer was a judge on the reality singing competition show “Nashville Star” on the USA Network for a year.

Robison tried to become more popular after his 1995 record, but as he wrote upon his website, he didn’t want his music or image to put him in a box.

Robison Came From A Family Of Musicians:

Charlie’s bio said, “After a short agreement with a Nashville major label ended because he didn’t want to be pigeonholed as the new hunky hat act, he joined with Sony Music’s Lucky Dog label and put out two studio albums.”

His wife, Kristen, his brother, Bruce, who is also a singer-songwriter, and his four kids and stepchildren will carry on his work. Emily Strayer, who was his first wife and a part of the country trio The Chicks, was the mother of three of his children. In 2008, Robison and Strayer split up.

Robison came from a musically skilled family. His brother Bruce Robison as well as sister Robyn Ludwick are also good singer-songwriters.

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A few hours after Charlie died, Ludwick wrote, “Today, my heart is broken in its deepest, most irreparable way.” Charlie, my older brother, died with his family around him. Please keep playing some Charlie Robison. “That’s what he would want.”

The Texas Country Music Scene Was Changed By Charlie Robison:

Charlie Robison had an impact on Texas country music. In the 1980s, when he hurt his knee and couldn’t play football at Southwest Texas State University, he turned to singing.

He soon moved to Austin, Texas, where he formed several bands, such as Chaparral, Millionaire Playboys, as well as Two Hoots and a Holler.

He went on to have a solo career, starting with “Bandera” in 1996, which was his first song as a single act. He got a record deal with Sony and put out songs like “My Hometown,” “Poor Man’s Son,” as well as “I Want You Bad.”

But in September 2018, something happened that changed their lives. Robison told his friends that problems from surgery had caused him to lose his ability to sing for good.

Within September 2018, He Said He Was Leaving The Stage And Studio For Good:

In an emotional letter, he told everyone that he was leaving the stage and studio. This was the end of a 25-year chapter in his life. Even though he had problems, Robison was thankful for the amazing trip he had been taking and the joy that his friends had given him.

“Hey, friends, this is Charlie. You’ve probably everything wondered where I have been. Well, I had surgery at the start of this year, and because of problems, I will never be able to sing again.

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So, with a very sad heart, I’m finally leaving the stage as well as studio,” Charlie told his fans in a statement. He said he would “maintain it short” and then thanked the people who have helped him along the way.

After Being Away From Music For A Long Time, Charlie Robison Came Back To It In 2022:

It’s been an amazing ride, but I can’t tell you all what the last twenty-five years have meant to myself. I was looking ahead to another 25, but, as the saying goes, sh*t happens.

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, as well as hope I was willing to bring you even a little bit of the joy you gave me. After being away from the music scene for a long time, Charlie Robison surprised everyone by coming back in 2022 with a show at Billy Bob’s Texas.