The Covid Certificate is mandatory in some places to enter indoors: how to always carry it with you knowing that it works


Although the idea has not been accepted by the national government and although the idea was discarded in summer and although justice has shown itself against this decision, There are already autonomous communities in Spain that are working to implement that the Passport or Covid Certificate is requested to be able to enter indoors.

In Galicia and Catalonia it will be mandatory to present the Covid Certificate to enter a hospital and applying the measure to leisure is not ruled out. Navarra has asked the Superior Court of Justice to make this document mandatory to enter bars, concerts or restaurants. The Basque Country has the Prosecutor’s Office on its side, for now, so that it is mandatory to present it before entering large restaurants and nightclubs and bars at night.

How to apply for the EU Digital COVID Certificate online: the European COVID passport is here

In the Balearic Islands, the Superior Court of Justice of the community authorized the use of the vaccination certificate in nightlife and it is expected that this will continue to be done until at least December 8. The Canary Islands have approved that as of December 1, the Covid certificate begins to be requested even from passengers coming from domestic flights. These are some examples of situations where you may need to have your Covid passport handy. Also if you plan to travel outside of Spain during the next bridge in December you will need it.

In this article we will show you how to always have it at your disposal, even if you do not have an Internet connection when you have to show it and we will also talk about applications that help you know the QR of your Covid passport is read perfectly so that you do not have problems when you need it.

How to have the Covid Passport at hand even without Internet

covid passport

Here we give you several ideas to always carry your passport with you for when you may need it. A practical way to carry it and always have it located is to upload it to the cloud storage service that we use, bien sea Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud o OneDrive, to name a few.

Also, if you want to access this document even if there is no Internet, in PDF version, you have to activate the corresponding option so that it is available offline. You can download the PDF directly to your mobile and save it in your files to access at any time.

How to know if your certificate works perfectly

There are also applications created by official institutions in different countries that allow you to know if your Covid passport QR code is working well, so you do not have problems when you need to use it. Three very useful applications for this work are:

How to verify that your Covid Certificate is valid and works correctly

The apps, after you show your QR code, They will tell you on the phone screen if the Covid Certificate is valid and to whom does it belong; in addition to other information, such as name and date of birth. To get any of these applications you must access your application store. For example, in the case of the one developed in Switzerland, Covid Certificate Check you simply have to download it and press the “Verify” button.


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