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The crazy celebration of Messi’s children during one of their goals in Barcelona’s last victory

Mateo Messi celebrating his dad’s goal

Lionel Messi He hit the mark again in a Barcelona game: with a magnificent double, his team won 4-0 as a visitor against Granada and approached the top of the Spanish league. While the Argentine was showing off in the stadium New Los Cármenes in Andalusia, his family enjoyed his performance in Catalan territory. Antonela Roccuzzo recorded the celebration of her two youngest children after her second goal.

It was just after the Rosario beat the rival goalkeeper with a free kick that was nailed next to his stick that his youngest children, who were carefully following the alternatives of the match that took place this afternoon between Granada and Barcelona, ​​yelled, jumped and threw fists on air to cheer on his dad. Mateo (5 years), the naughtiest of the three according to his own Leo, had the complicity of the little Ciro (2), who was not far behind when it came to showing his hubbub. The one who did not appear on this occasion was Thiago (8).

It seems that Messi regained energy being with his loved ones in his native Rosario during the end of the year festivities. Since he starred in the turbulent episode in mid-2020 with the former president of Barça Josep Maria Bartomeu and threatened to slam the door, 10 is going through its best football moment. He is the top scorer in the Spanish league and is comfortable with his teammates and within the team led by the Dutch Ronald Koeman.

The Messi family, united during the Christmas Holidays
The Messi family, united during the Christmas Holidays

However, this pleasant news does not guarantee that the Blaugrana idol will renew his link with the entity that saw him born, train and succeed in football, since both Manchester City and Paris Saint Gemrain opened the doors for him in case he chooses to change the air in the next season. In his last interview, Messi revealed his dream of living in the United States at some point. His wife and children will surely accompany him on the adventure he experiences and will continue to shout his goals.

“All this time it has been hard for everyone. He was clear about what he wanted, he had assumed it and said it. My wife with all the pain of the soul supported and accompanied me. It was a barbaric drama. The whole family crying, my children did not want to leave Barcelona nor did they want to change schools ”, Lío confessed about the moment when he had told his family that he intended to move away from Barcelona. Today, for now, they enjoy there.


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