The crazy theory of The Last of Us that explains why the characters in the series do not wear masks to protect themselves from cordyceps


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of The Last of Us series.

Fans have been able to verify that there is a clear difference between The Last of Us series and video games, and that is that the characters in the series do not wear masks in areas where they can be infected. A new theory would explain the reason for this, and everything would have to do with the flour.

Video game characters were quick to resort to gas masks when in closed, spore-filled places to avoid getting infected. The origin of these spores is nothing more than the cordyceps fungus itself. Having reached an advanced stage of development, It began to grow on the walls, ceilings and floors to release spores that could infect anyone who breathed in that environment..

However, this is not the case in The Last of Us series, since we have been able to see the characters in situations similar to that of video games and they have not used a single mask. What can be the reason? According to the fans, it is possible that the infection started with a packet of flourthus ruling out respiratory infection.

The origin would be in the flour

The content creator named @G4G_Revenant in Twitter has shared a new thread where picks up the fan theory that states that the origin of the infection is in the flour. Furthermore, he has listed all the clues that would make sense of this theory.

It all starts with Sarah, who plans to make pancakes for breakfast but is forced to change her plans. because they don’t have flour left at homeand the theme continues with the famous cookies.

Joel meets his neighbors and they decide to offer him cookies, but the protagonist ends up rejecting. Later, even though Sarah helps her neighbor make more cookies, she too rejects them simply because they contain raisins. However, there is one person who eats them, and it is the old woman in a wheelchair.

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When Joel comes home, Sarah asks him where is the cake to celebrate his birthday, to which the protagonist replies that he has forgotten. All these events explain how Joel and Sarah were able to escape the infectionsince they did not take any products with flour.

However, the old woman appeared like the first infected (remember that she ate cookies), and to this we must add everything that is said in the news: the problem started in jakarta (Indonesia), a place that has the largest flour factory in the world.

As if this were not enough, @G4G_Revenant has also referenced one of the interviews of the creators of the serieswhere they noted “viewers of this episode will be rewarded if you are attentive to the little bread crumbs that we have been leaving”. Many products made with flour have already been mentioned, coincidence? What do you think?

In the Early morning of January 23, the long-awaited second episode will premiere on HBO Max from The Last of Us series. You can now find out what the premiere dates of the rest of the episodes are and the figures for The Last of Us that have positioned it as the second best premiere on HBO Max.