The creator of The Ministry of Time will make a series for Dinamic, a company from the Golden Age of Spanish video games


Who said that there are not enough stories in Spain that need to be told? The video game industry has always had a special bond with the United States and Japan, but the national territory achieved golden times a few decades ago.

The so-called Golden Age of the Spanish video game took place during the 80s and at that time Dinamic Software reigned like few others. The Ruiz brothers’ company experienced an incredible heyday with a multitude of titles of the caliber of Game Over, Army Moves, o Camelot Warriors.

Now, Deadline has revealed that we can see and hear all those experiences on the small screen. And it is that the English production company Blackbox Media and the Latin American EO Media have joined forces to create a drama series about Dinamic. To do this, they will take as a reference the book The History of Dinamic, written by fellow 3DJuegos Jesús Martínez del Vas.

The History of Dinamic

To add more sauce to the production, it has been revealed that Javier Olivares, the mastermind behind the huge success of El Ministerio del Tiempo, will be the showrunner of the series. The idea is to show how the brothers were pioneers for the video game industry in Spain and will seek to shape a mix between “We Crashed, The Wolf of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the family melodrama of Luis Miguel La Serie”.

“We found a story that looks like something out of a movie, out of Hollywood or out of Silicon Valley, but it’s not. It’s real and it happened right here in Spainin the 80s, in the midst of the crazy Movida Madrileña”, explains Ezequiel Olzanski, CEO of EO Media. For now, we do not have a date for its premiere or how many seasons the series will consist of, although they are in contact with the group of brothers.


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