The creator of Ultima Online is already the only human who has been to both poles, in space and in the Mariana Trench


The creator of Last OnlineRichard Garriott, known to fans as Lord British, recently traveled to the bottom of the ocean, becoming the only person to have traveled to space, to the Mariana Trench and to both poles of the planet.

Mirror has posted an interview with Garriott, which includes selfies and footage he took from the deepest point on earth. Garriott is more of an explorer these days, but in the video game industry, he is known as the mastermind behind the influential role-playing game series Ultima. Later he founded Origin Systems, responsible for publishing games like System Shock or Wing Commander.

Not satisfied with his exploration of virtual worlds, Garriott has devoted himself to exploring the real world in recent years. In 1998, he traveled to the South Pole, paid $ 30 million to become one of the first citizen astronauts (in 2008), and arrived at the North Pole in 2018. After traveling to the Mariana Trench this week, The Explorers Club He named “the first explorer to have reached the north and south poles, to have orbited the Earth and to have reached the deepest point of the oceans.”.

On his latest mission, after a four-hour dive around 7 miles, Garriott collected specimens, planted a geocache, made a sci-fi short, and more. In the Mirror article, Garriott talks about detecting “nice little translucent black worms four or five inches long”, while at the bottom of the world. He also saw a siphonophore on the way back, a colonial Hyrdozoa organism, which he said “It looked like a big squid.”.

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The question we ask ourselves now is: where will he travel next time? Although it’s hard to tell, we take this opportunity to remind you that we spoke to Garriott in 2019 as part of IGN Unfiltered, discussing his enormous contributions to video games, his exploration of the wreck of the Titanic, and what it’s like to be in space.