The creators of Among Us have been working on a system to streamline future updates.


By now, chances are you already know the story behind Among Us. A game that had initially gone unnoticed, and which achieved massive success two years after its release, when streamers around the world quickly made it fashionable in 2020. Since then, the development team behind the title has been at work. hard to improve the gaming experience.

To the point that they even canceled its sequel to focus on the current game. However, some users believe that the new updates have been arriving too slowly. Now, its creators explain it, confirming that they have been working on a more sustainable channel that will help streamline those processes for the future.

The information, echoed by Gamingbolt, has come through an update posted on the Innersloth studio page. In the statement, they talk about practically everything: from the sudden and massive resurgence of the game, to the fact that they are a very small team working, going through the launch on new platforms, and that channel in which they have been immersed so that the work on upgrades is sustainable in the long term.

This is what Victoria Tran, community director of the study, has commented about:

“Among Us gained incredible traction quite late in 2020 that we weren’t expecting, and that meant A LOT of changes for us. Not only did we have to go back to work on Among Us after thinking it was done, but we also needed to prepare more sustainably for it. work on the game. We had to spend 2 months just restructuring, discovering new processes and getting external partners to help us manage them. Originally it was just 3 friends working together (and now I’m here to get to 4, hi), but we wanted to this would work in the long term and hiring, we had to keep things simple. “.

And yes, as we said, this work will allow the study to be more efficient for the present and, above all, for the future:

“It’s all a behind-the-scenes job, and while it took some time that we had to spend outside of the game, it will make it easier for us to develop improvements for the game in the present and in the future. Aside from the additional platforms (such as Nintendo Switch and Xbox) means more support, certifications to pass and all that. We have the help of our portability partners for that, but it still means that we have to make sure that the things we do in the future are compatible with those platforms. There are a lot of other things outside of our control (legal issues, meetings, planning), so sometimes these things take longer too. “.

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