The creators of Ghost of Tsushima work in an open world of stealth and unannounced action


The job offers indicate that it is another installment of Ghost of Tsushima for PlayStation.

In 2020, the release of Ghost of Tsushima confirmed to Sucker Punch as one of the leading PlayStation studios, with a delivery that the public liked a lot and of which even reissues have been published not only with improvements for the new generation, but also with more playable content.

Now, the American developer is already working on its future projects, of which we know very little so far. An offer from a few months ago made us think of Sly Cooper, but the most recent ones reinforce the fact that they can be working on a second installment from the samurai saga.

Job offers point to another Ghost of TsushimaSpecifically, in Sucker Punch they are looking for a technical combat designer and a senior combat designer, although in the vacancies there is talk of a open world triple A with stealth and melee action. All clues point towards a Ghost of Tsushima 2, as they want people experienced in designing encounters that combine interesting design and challenging enemies.

Whether or not they work on the same saga, at Sucker Punch they can be proud of the commercial performance of their game, which already adds over eight million copies sold till the date. It is not for less, since we are facing a very solid and beautiful title, although we invite you to know more by taking a look at our analysis of Ghost of Tsushima.

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