The creators of Jurassic World Evolution 2 reveal their sales and confirm a new Formula 1 game


Frontier Developments has submitted an earnings report that leaves us with various details of their plans.

On November 9th came Jurassic World Evolution 2, the second installment of the franchise with which Frontier Developments encourages us to create our own dinosaur park based on the legendary film franchise, regularly updated with new paid content that includes new buildings and creatures.

A couple of weeks after its launch, the company said that the title had not sold as planned, having sales below expectations, especially on PC. Now we know that the game has sold about a million copies since its premiere and, although they are outstanding sales, we do not know if they are still dissatisfied with them.

Frontier has 745 workersThey are data extracted from a report of results that Frontier has presented recently, where they speak of more franchises that belong to them and comment that revenue grew 33% during the first half of fiscal year 2022, also increasing its number of employees, which reaches 745 workers after 250 more join in 2021.

As a last aspect to highlight, it is worth mentioning that they have confirmed a new Formula 1 game which was already talked about a while ago. It is an officially licensed F1 management title, something many motorsport fans have come to expect. Until now, we had desktop alternatives such as Motorsport Manager, which, although it does not have the rights, has allowed the community to edit it to its liking since its inception.

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