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The day Marcos Rojo fought with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Manchester dressing room: the anecdote that went viral after his arrival in Boca

The funny anecdote of Marcos Rojo with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

No doubt the arrival of Marcos Rojo a Boca Juniors It is already one of the great countries of the market in Argentina. Again, the Xeneize he moved quickly in the transfer window and managed to take another renowned footballer after his departure from a large European club as at the time happened with Carlos Tevez and the Juventus.

Like any player who leaves an important team worldwide, it means that he shared moments with great figures of international football. In this case, the newly arrived defender Mouth maintains a particular relationship with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and, when leaving Manchester United, An anecdote with the Swede that he told in February of last year during a radio note in La Plata with SkySports.

“We play together for Manchester United. And there they were terrified of him. I remember that in the America’s Cup in the United States, with the National Team, Pastore and the Few Lavezzi, who had played with Zlatan at PSG and were friends, tell me: ‘Be careful with him because if you squat and be quiet, he eats you.’ So when he arrived at the club I already knew what he was like “, began by recounting Marcos Rojo.

Together they won the 2017/2018 UEFA Europa League (Photo: Shutterstock)
Together they won the 2017/2018 UEFA Europa League (Photo: Shutterstock)

The defender went back to a match where sparks were lit with the Swedish striker: “He was very brave. I had the best with him, because he knew what it was like. Until a match for the UEFA Europa League, which we were champions (2016/17), we were playing at home against Rostov. We were winning and thus we passed the round. That’s why we played the ball, because we already had it cooked. But he always wanted them all thrown at him. So the ball came to me and instead of giving it to him, I passed it to Paul (Pogba) to have it. For what! He started yelling at me, raising his hand, telling me about everything. So, the next ball, I grab it and hit it up and hit it in the body. “

With the fight at its peak, and after leaving for the locker room, Rojo knew he had to act before Zlatan in the halftime talk. “We go to the locker room and on the way I say: ‘Now this one is going to catch me, he shits me.’ Because he’s two meters tall, he’s a karate fighter. And I saying well, I have to go in … I have to first, because it kills me. Then I arrive, I go to my place and he sat right in front. I sit on the floor, I’m making myself take off my boots, I don’t take them off just in case … He comes in, angry like that, comes in and I say, I jump like this: “You, shut your mouth, don’t yell at me anymore …”. We started to bitch and the English stayed there, because nobody told them anything “, revealed the defender.

When it seemed that the conflict was going to escalate, the technical director arrived to calm the situation. “I was screwed up because I say this one is going to screw me up, but if I stand up to him, he will not tell me anything. I started bitching him and he, imagine, took off. Mourinho comes like this, plum, he hits the bullring … ‘Enough, shut up the two of you’. The English grabbing me and I making the gesture of ‘grab me, I’ll kill him’. A quilombo. The English after that day terrified me, saying, this is crazy “he explained with a laugh.

To close, he told what happened the day after the altercation and showed that the relationship with the Swede is the best: “The next day I am having breakfast, we had won. And they grab me like that by the neck from behind, they squeeze me with everything, I look like that and it was him. He shit with laughter. ‘You’re a son of a bitch,’ he tells me. You can’t tell me that in front of everyone. We shit with laughter, we got along really well ”.


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