The DC fan movement #RestoreTheSnyderVerse is already a global trend, reaching 1 million tweets


After the premiere of The Justice League of Zack Snyder, DC fans are backing a new social media campaign to restore DC’s “SnyderVerse”: #RestoreTheSnyderVerse.

DiscussingFilm announced that the hashtag for “Restore the SnyderVerse” It reached a major milestone when it reached worldwide trending status with over a million tweets asking Warner Bros. to allow Snyder to finish his DC Extended Universe plan. More SnyderVerse fans joined the movement after watching Snyder’s Justice League, which debuted on HBO on March 18, 2021.

The Snyder cut itself was released after a legion of fans joined in a collective on the internet that ultimately a major film studio couldn’t ignore, resulting, in part, in the studio giving them exactly what they demanded by giving the green light to Snyder’s version of the movie. Tape that Snyder himself started, but that Joss Whedon ended after he left the project.

As many DC fans already know, the planned Justice League trilogy is unplanned, despite the newly released Snyder cut ending in a massive cliffhanger. Snyder has already explained why the film sets up a direct sequel that is now unlikely to happen, despite having ideas about how the potential trilogy could have ended with a shocking new superhero – and much, much more.

Plot rumors about Snyder’s Justice League 2 have circulated for years, with Kevin Smith claiming that the sequel would have seen the superheroes travel to Apokolips to take on Darkseid. There were even rumors that the second movie would have ended on a depressing note along the lines of The Empire Strikes Back, while a third and final movie would have been the final battle between The Justice League and Darkseid.

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For now, though, we have four hours of Snyder’s Justice League to sit down and analyze, with extended fight scenes, a different aspect ratio, new character designs, and deleted scenes to peruse. For its part, IGN has put together a breakdown of how the new version of the film differs from the original version of Whedon’s Justice League (2017), including how much of the film is presented in slow motion.