The Dead Space remake is shown in its launch trailer and gives new details about the renewal of its story


Motive Studio and EA have shared Dead Space Remake Launch Trailer and, in addition, on its official website you can see a new article that explores the unfolding story of Dead Space and how they have worked on it when renewing the game.

El remake de Dead Space se will release on january 27, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. If you want to see its launch trailer, you can do so below:

In horror games, the story also matters

In the fifth installment of the blog “Discovering Dead Space”, the developers of the remake have given new details about your process and have explained how players will feel when approaching the revamped title.

It is possible that some fans have some fear regarding the changes that the history of Dead Space has undergone. However, the developers claim that they started from a very good base and that they followed a very clear philosophy: “if it ain’t broke, don’t touch it”.

According to Joel MacMillan, the director of realization, the story of Dead Space is very good because “plays on the fears we all share. “Fear of the unknown, isolation, paranoia, dehumanization: these fears are common across all cultures, communities, and generations. They are ingrained in us at the genetic level.”

In the words of Catherine Stewart, lead level designer, the most important thing about the remake was “to leave alone the rhythms that made the game so good and improve the ones that were problematic, where we thought we could do better“.

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Las secondary missions have received very relevant changessince these will give more relevance to characters that were not important in their day, as is the case of Jacob Temple and Elizabeth Cross.

“It was important give them more background, depth, and motivation to make personal connections feel more meaningfulnotes Joel. “There are some very compelling threads that players can follow through these new side quests.”

Isaac Clarke will now talk… but not much

Dead Space remains a new-gen remake.
Isaac Clarke will now have a voice in this first installment.

One of the most striking novelties of the Dead Space remake is that Isaac Clarke, the protagonist, now he will have a voice in this first installment. However, the developers have not wanted to go too far when it comes to giving it a voice, since they don’t want the connection between the player and the character to be lost.

“Now he’s a little more involved in events and solving problems”says Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director. “He’s part of the conversation. And that adds depth to the character.”

While you wait for Dead Space Remake to be released, we encourage you to find out the whole process behind the development of Isaac Clarke’s suit and how you can get a free copy of Dead Space 2 thanks to the remake.