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The Defense and Justice campus returns to Argentina after being stranded in Chile by three cases of covid-19

Hernán Crespo during the training of the squad in Santiago de Chile the day before the match they were supposed to play against Coquimbo
Hernán Crespo during the training of the squad in Santiago de Chile the day before the match they were supposed to play against Coquimbo

The Copa Sudamericana series between Defense and Justice and Coquimbo became a matter full of controversies. After the changes of venues, the detection of three positive cases of coronavirus in the campus of the Hawk and the subsequent suspension of the first leg semifinal, the Argentine delegation was isolated in a hotel in Santiago de Chile. Just this Friday in the afternoon the Chilean health authorities allowed the campus to return to the country.

As he could find out Infobae with sources from the Argentine club, until about 5:00 p.m. the members of the delegation were not authorized to leave the Hilton hotel and they were waiting for a meeting at the Argentine consulate with local authorities in search of a resolution. Finally, the authorization to leave the place arrived and the Falcon delegation left for the airport.

It all started hours before the meeting that was going to take place yesterday Thursday from 9:30 p.m. at the National Stadium: Chilean health authorities warned that three footballers had tested positive in the tests carried out while entering the country. These officials were present at the hotel about four hours before the game and informed the Defense executives that the 56 people who made up the flight were considered close contact by local legislation and for that reason they had to keep mandatory quarantine in place for 10 days. Faced with this situation, the different Argentine and Chilean authorities they negotiated to obtain the permit that would allow them to return to Buenos Aires in a bubble format.

“We came to play a soccer game in La Serena, we wanted to play with Coquimbo on his field and everything began to deteriorate since we arrived, but we abide by the decisions and we want to play soccer, nothing more,” he said. Hernan Crespo, the Defense and Justice coach, upon leaving the hotel. “Now the only thing is to go home and wait for what is going to be resolved,” he added.

From the Hawk They reported that before traveling to Santiago, three tests were carried out on all the people who would fly and in all the cases the result had been negative. Even the fact has a peculiarity: Washington Camacho –One of the soccer players who tested positive in Chile along with Franco Pizzini and Rafael Delgado– He already had coronavirus at the end of September so he would be reinfected in less than four months.

Camacho had had coronavirus at the end of September (Photo: Reuters)
Camacho had had coronavirus at the end of September (Photo: Reuters)

However, the series already came with complexities before the coronavirus cases were known: the Hawk had arranged to travel on a direct charter flight to La Serena, but days before they should have changed the planning since by a Chilean regulation they had to stop in Santiago to carry out the different procedures for entering the country. Faced with this, Conmebol chose to move the headquarters one day before the game from La Serena to Santiago de Chile, since the stadium cannot be more than 150 kilometers from the airport where the campus lands.

After settling in the capital of the trans-Andean country, the Hawk he trained in a venue in that city the day before the meeting. Upon the news of the three positive tests and the obligation to quarantine all members of the delegation at the hotel where they were staying as a result of Chilean regulations, Conmebol decided to suspend the event hours before your dispute “based on the decision of the Chilean authorities”.

At the same time, the highest body clarified that it was rescheduling the first leg semifinal for the next Tuesday, January 12 in Asunción, in time and stadium to be determined. But the issue did not end there: while those led by Hernán Crespo seek to return to Argentina, Coquimbo expressed his complaint about the change of headquarters. “The game has to be played in Chile yes or yes. Coquimbo is from Chile. We have done everything right, all decisions have been accepted with dignity, “said the president of the Chilean club Jorge Contador in statements that the newspaper replied. Third.

However, the Conmebol protocol enables determinations in events of this kind: “This possible scenario is foreseen in the event that a club, due to specific health provisions and prevention measures in its country of origin, cannot exercise its location in your usual country / city / stadium ”.

When it reported the change of venue, Conmebol specified: “This decision is adopted by the parent entity of South American football after the Chilean authorities decided to apply a sanitary quarantine to the entire Defense and Justice delegation, a team that had to face Coquimbo tonight. Kingdom, in Santiago. All the passengers on the charter flight that took the Argentine club are considered by the Chilean authorities as “close contacts” of three positive cases of COVID 19. Under these conditions, under an isolation regime, it is clear that the sporting event is not possible.”.

At the same time, they denounced that the norms were not respected: “It is appropriate to point out that the protocol in force in Chile for international matches establishes that all members of the visiting delegation will be subjected to virus detection tests upon arrival. According to this protocol, the Chilean authorities had to deliver the results in eight hours. The tests to the Defense and Justice delegation were carried out on the 6th at 1:00 p.m., but the results were only provided on the 7th, greatly exceeding the referred eight hours.. Further, the decision to declare the entire delegation in isolation was communicated just two hours before the start of the match”.

For its part, Defensa clarified that it was in a position to isolate the three footballers who tested positive and to play the game with the remaining athletes who traveled: “The players are isolated. In accordance with our sanitary protocol, from the beginning of the competitions Defense and Justice players concentrate in individual rooms, and carry out all activities while maintaining the corresponding distance”.


Conquimbo-Defense and Justice was suspended due to a coronavirus outbreak in the Argentine campus

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