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The details of the Tiger Woods accident: “He did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any type of narcotic”

This is how Tiger Woods' vehicle was (Reuters)
This is how Tiger Woods’ vehicle was (Reuters)

The golfer Tiger Woods He suffered an accident Tuesday morning while traveling alone aboard his 2021 Genesis SUV in Los Angeles. The athlete had to be transferred to a nearby hospital where he was operated on for the injuries he had on his legs, according to his agent. Mark Steinberg, and later confirmed the same Police. The County Sheriff’s Office gave a press conference to clarify the facts although they acknowledged that they do not have any concrete evidence that allows them to determine the cause of the incident.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva was the one who took the floor to explain that Woods’ vehicle “traveled several meters” since it left the road and that therefore they can deduce “that it was going at a high speed”. In addition, he stressed that in this area it is usual for there to be overturns and crashes because it is a descent after a curve and drivers tend to exceed the speed limit without warning.

“The first contact was with the center median (a small boulevard that separates the lanes), from there it crossed into the opposite lane of traffic, hit the sidewalk, hit a tree, and there were several overturns during that process.”

In turn, he assured that they did not do any type of test since the agents understood that he was lucid: “He did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any type of narcotic”. Something that was later corroborated by Officer González, the first to arrive at the place: “I asked him his name, he told me it was Tiger, I asked him the date and time and he answered me lucid and calm. His condition was stable ”.

He didn’t seem concerned about his injuries at the time, which is not uncommon in traffic collisions.. Many times people tend to be in shock. It is a traumatic experience. It’s not uncommon for people to focus on unimportant things or even if they are in pain, they may not feel it until much later, ”he added.

In this way, they ruled out a possible cause of the incident, although they were surprised to notice a detail in the scene: “There are no brake marks on the asphalt”. They also ruled out that the weather had played a trick on the golfer, since the road was dry and the day was clear.

The accident happened at approximately 7:12 a.m., 10 minutes before a neighbor in the area reported the rollover. 7:28 Officer González arrived at the scene and was able to verify how the 45-year-old athlete was, whose identity until then they did not know: “Woods was not able to get out of the vehicle, I made eye contact with him, I saw that he was conscious and lucid and we waited for the firefighters to remove him from the vehicle.”

“His injuries at that time did not seem so serious, so I decided to wait for the firefighters,” said the agent, who did not want to give further details: “I cannot speak about the severity of the injuries because I am not a doctor, but I can say that he had to be transferred to the hospital ”.

In turn, Sheriff Villanueva asserted that the car, a Genesis SUV, saved Woods’ life: “The interior, the cabinet of the vehicle was quite intact. The front end was totally destroyed, the bumpers, everything totally destroyed, the airbags deployed, all that. However, fortunately the interior was more or less intact, which gave him the cushion to survive what would have otherwise been a fatal accident. ” In this sense, González provided another piece of information: “Tiger Woods was wearing a belt, that and the characteristics of the vehicle saved his life”.

The agents explained that the firefighters arrived at the scene with an ax and a pliers that allowed Woods to free from his car and announced that next week they will publish a complete report with more details that allow understanding why the North American golfer ended up overturned to one side. of the way.

Tiger Woods is at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, California (Reuters)
Tiger Woods is at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, California (Reuters)

The world golf star was taken to a nearby clinic, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where he is undergoing surgery. His agent, Mark Steinberg, told the news agency AP: “Tiger Woods was in a car accident this morning in California, where he suffered multiple leg injuries. It is currently being operated. We appreciate your privacy and support. “

Great sports stars like swimming legends Michael Phelps, former boxer Mike Tyson, and basketball legend Earvin Magic Johnson, expressed their wishes and prayers for the speedy recovery of Woods. The accident had a special impact in the world of golf, where it generated great commotion among his colleagues.

“Heartbroken and shocked to learn of Tiger Woods’ accident today,” the reigning US Open champion wrote on Twitter, Bryson DeChambeau. “I hope Tiger is well,” said American Justin Thomas, world number three. “It hurts to see one of your … now one of my best friends, have an accident. I just hope it’s okay. I only care about their children. I’m sure they are fighting. “

The PGA Circuit Commissioner, Jay Monahan, issued a statement in which he said he was waiting for more information on the status of his star. “On behalf of the PGA Tour and our players, Tiger is in our prayers and will have our full support as he recovers,” he said.

File photo of Tiger Woods at the Augusta Masters (Reuters)
File photo of Tiger Woods at the Augusta Masters (Reuters)
Tiger Woods Background

The 45-year-old American is one of the greatest golfers in history with 15 Grand Slam victories and a total of 82 PGA titles, a circuit record he shares with the legendary Sam Snead.

The player recently underwent a fifth surgery to deal with his back problems, which have hampered his performance in recent seasons. Just on Sunday, he acknowledged that his participation in the next Augusta Masters, to be held in April, was in doubt.

Woods was one of the most admired athletes in the world when he was involved in a major scandal in 2009, when he had another traffic accident in front of his home in Windemere, Florida. Subsequently, numerous infidelities began to come to light that a year later led to the divorce of his wife, the Swedish Elin Nordegren, with whom he had two children, and made him lose important sponsorships.

In 2010 he returned to competition but his back problems caused him to undergo surgery four times between 2014 and 2017. In May 2017, He was arrested near his home in Florida after falling asleep at the wheel of his car on the street, which the golfer justified by taking a mix of prescription drugs. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving and had to face a fine and community services.

In 2019, he made an astonishing return to success by conquering the Augusta Masters, his first major title since the 2008 US Open and one that made him dream of reaching Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 Grand Slam tournaments.

In a brilliant career of more than a quarter of a century, Woods has won five editions of the Augusta Masters, four of the PGA Championship, and three of the US Open and the British Open.. His last appearance on the fields was at the PNC Championship family tournament, in which he competed for the first time as a couple with his 11-year-old son Charlie.


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