The director of Godzilla vs. Kong reveals the reasons behind Mechagodzilla’s design change


Although it may not seem very obvious at first glance, there is a direct relationship between the Mechagodzilla design and the Transformers film saga Directed by Michael Bay. And this is something that Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs. Kong, has recently explained as we can read on the Comicbook portal.

In past films, the visual reinterpretation of the protagonists of Godzilla vs. Kong. A) Yes, in Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla (2014), it was decided to return to a visual aesthetic that would recall the classic Godzilla of Japanese cinema and will move away from the Hollywood version of 1998. The same happened with the King Kong that we could see in La Isla Calavera, closer to the classic interpretations of the character than to the latest versions that visited celluloid.

This time the debut was up to Mechagodzilla, the most iconic mechanical beast in the Godzilla universe, and just like his huge co-stars, it was time to go through the artists’ pencils for a redesign that would update the concept. Adam Wingard has spoken about how this process was, and one of the keys to its design is found precisely in Transforms 3:

“I remember seeing the third Transformers movie at the theater … we were late and the only seats that were available were literally in the front row. And so I was, sitting watching Transformers 3 in the front row, and I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on. . The Transformers just looked like metal. They looked like a plane crash. So I thought that was something to avoid. They were too complex. There were too many moving parts and I couldn’t visually latch onto anything. Nothing seemed iconic to me with that Transformers design. “

That seems to have been the starting point for a Mechagodzilla design that pursues a more forceful visual impact, in which the viewer can stop to look at the whole and understand the relationships between the different pieces of the same, something that he also pursued with great success Guillermo del Toro in his designs for Pacific Rim. Wingard makes his point clear by adding the following:

“I’ve always liked the simplicity of Transformers designs. So I tried to create a look that was impactful and had a little more simplicity. There is immediacy in its shape and outline. As a director, it’s exciting because I can finally put my stamp on monsters. Godzilla and Kong had already been redesigned for the MonsterVerse. “

It is curious how the decisions of some directors end up influencing the future work of others. Transformers saw the light at a very different time for commercial cinema, and on its journey it insisted on giving its characters a greater complexity that took the viewer away from understanding its design.. The path followed by Wingar seems to be the opposite, and at the moment it seems that he is liking it. What did you think of the appearance of this new Mechagodzilla?

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