The Director Of The Exorcist Believer Talks About The First Trailer


The Director Of The Exorcist Believer Talks About The First Trailer:

David Gordon Green was about 14 years old when he first saw The Exorcist, a famous horror film from 1974 by William Friedkin. “The initial time I watched it, I was within a library alongside headphones forward,” he tells EW.

“I’d look at it for ten minutes at a time. I couldn’t take much more. It seemed like a real adventure. It wasn’t like watching a Nightmare upon Elm Street movie, where you were able to give in to the dream.

A New Horror Film Is Coming Out 50 Years After William Friedkin’s “The Exorcist” Shocked People:

It was a moment that felt somewhat deeper and more personal, so that’s why I’ve always remembered it. Exactly fifty years after William Friedkin’s groundbreaking horror movie “The Exorcist” scared people, a new one is out.

Ellen Burstyn plays Chris MacNeil again in “The Exorcist Believer,” a sequel directed through David Gordon Green, who recently brought the “Halloween” series back to life.

Universal And Blumhouse Rereased The First Video Of Exorcist Believer:

Today, Universal and Blumhouse released the first video for The Exorcist: Believer, the first film in a new series that will follow up on the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. At the same time, they announced that The Exorcist: Deceiver will be released in theaters all over the country on April 18, 2025.

Green hopes that his new movie, The Exorcist Believer, will give people the same feeling of real fear. Its video came out on Tuesday after being shown before showings of Oppenheimer over the weekend.

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The movie is the first of three planned films that will continue the Exorcist series. It is about two friends, Angela as well as Katherine, and what they have to go through. “The Exorcist: Believer” has not one but two girls who are possessed by demons after they are saved from a fake kidnapping.

Burstyn’s MacNeil shows up at their homes to help because she used to have a possessed daughter herself. Still, it’s not clear if the woman is capable of rescuing the two girls seen in the new video smeared with bloody Satanic symbols and eating Bible pages.

“This movie is about two young girls who go missing one day after school. “When they come back, they are within a different state of mind and acting in a strange way,” says Green, who filmed the most current Halloween series. “We find out that they have possession at the same time.”

Jennifer Nettles as well as Norbert Leo Butz play Katherine’s parents, and Hamilton actor Leslie Odom Jr. plays Angela’s father, who is a widower. Green says that the character of the latter “puts all of his love and energy into his daughter.

Then, as a single dad who doesn’t have a powerful spiritual group or link to his real community, he was faced with this problem.

Ellen Burstyn Is Coming Back:

Green’s big casting win was getting Ellen Burstyn to come back to the series. Burstyn played Chris MacNeil, the actor mother of Linda Blair’s possessed Regan, in the 1974 movie.

She never appeared within John Boorman’s much-maligned 1977 sequel Exorcist II: The Heretic or any of the franchise’s other movies until now.

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Green says that after the events in Friedkin’s movie, MacNeil’s character became interested in exorcism and studied the rites and practices of possession in different cultures. This is what happened in MacNeil’s life. I got pretty good at it. She is known for the books she has written, but she is not an exorcist herself.”

When asked if Blair will be within The Exorcist: Believer as well as the movies that come after it, Green dodges the question but says that the movie “makes a number of references to her character.” Reports that Blair stopped by the set are true, says the director.

Green Is Blessed Because Linda Is Serving As Technical Adviser:

“We were blessed to have Linda serve as our technical advisor,” says Green. “She helped us get young actors to give great performances. Having a connection with her as well as willing to get her to join this conversation was very helpful.

Green’s Halloween was a straight sequel to John Carpenter’s first Halloween movie, which came out in 1978. Carpenter’s movie didn’t pay much attention to the sequels that came after it. Is the director employing a similar method here, acting as if the sequels and prequels to this series don’t exist?

The original “Exorcist,” which was based on a book by William Peter Blatty, told the tale of Regan, a young girl who goes through strange changes when a demon takes control of her, and her mother, an actor who asks priests to help her daughter get rid of the demon.

As soon as the movie came out, it caused a lot of debate. Some audience members said they had strokes, miscarriages, and various other physical reactions to the movie’s violent and holy scenes.

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The Exorcist Won 2 Awards For Best Adapted Script And Best Sound:

“The Exorcist” was a huge hit with audiences and went on to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars. It also won two awards, for best adapted script and best sound.

Over the years, four sequels were made to the first movie, but “Believer” doesn’t follow that set timeline, just like Green’s updated “Halloween” series.

Jamie Lee Curtis came back to be an older Laurie Strode who was still haunted by Michael Myers in the new “Halloween” movies. The rebirth led to the movies “Halloween Kills” as well as “Halloween Ends.”

The Exorcist: Believer Is Coming Out On:

Between November 2022 as well as March 2023, most of the movie was shot. The Exorcist: Believer is expected to come out in the U.S. on October 13, 2023. It will be the initial of three fresh films about The Exorcist.