The director of The Last of Us loves Fortnite, but denies a possible collaboration


Neil Druckmann wanted to get out of a rumor that spoke of Joel and Ellie’s appearances.

Thanks to his work on sagas like The Last of Us, Neil Druckman has become in recent years a key and recognized figure within Naughty Dog and from the video game industry, but neither that nor being busy with new releases has prevented him from always showing himself as someone very active on networks.

The creative does not want to speculate more than necessary with everything that has to do with him in some way, and perhaps that is the reason that he has published in his personal account of Twitter a message denying a collaboration of The Last of Us with Fortnitea rumor that had gained strength in recent weeks.

the rumor is falseNeil Druckman“I love Fortnite… but there are no plans for this. The rumor is false,” he stated bluntly, citing a tweet (already deleted) from a well-known leaker of the Epic Games free to play game that spoke of possible Joel and Ellie character appearancesas well as an announcement of the same close to the month of September.

As far-fetched as it may sound, some Fortnite players expected it to be a real collaboration, as battle royale has seen well-known characters from all sorts of video game franchises and other fields. In fact, what does seem to be very real is the collaboration with Dragon Ball that would end up coming sooner rather than later to the Epic title, with details that we would know soon.

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