The director of the Uncharted movie does not rule out a sequel, and values ​​Jak and Daxter on the big screen


Nathan Drake’s adventures in the cinema have achieved a huge collection in several countries.

If we talk about movies and video games, the Uncharted movie has become one of the most famous releases of the month of February. However, its manager Ruben Fleischer It has also captured the news of the specialized media with the idea of ​​transferring Jak and Daxter to the big screen. Something that has coincided with the declarations of Tom Hollandwho plays Nathan Drake in the film and has already said he wouldn’t mind starring as Jak.

Jak and Daxter is set in a different world, and has characters that are very different from us.Ruben FlesicherNow, Fleischer has given more ideas of what this film adaptation would be like. As he expressed in an interview with CNET, echoed by Gamespot, the director believes that the two characters would fit well in a film in the style of space operaa subgenus of Science fiction in which stories are told in a futuristic, technological and, sometimes, even romantic way. “I’ve always wanted to make a space opera-style movie. Jak and Daxter is set in a different world, and it certainly has characters very different from our human form“, explica Fleischer.

Uncharted: The Movie

“So it would be a fun challenge, but similar to Uncharted in that the tone is what makes the game special. And I think that the relationship of colleagues is at the center of the game, as long as you have the relationship and a great tone. Although this incredible landscape isn’t cinematic per se, you can create a cool visual world with it.” a sequel to the Uncharted movie. However, and as usually happens in this kind of situation, the public has the last word: “But it will be the audience that decides if you want to see more. That will come down to how much they liked the movie and whether or not they would like to go see a sequel.”

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Of course, it seems that viewers have been struck by the premiere of Uncharted in theaters, since it had a great premiere in Spain. And the success of Nathan Drake on the big screen does not end here, since the film saw the light in the US last week and it is already the best premiere of the year at the box office.

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