The Dog Sneaks Out Of The House And Goes To See Metallica


The Dog Sneaks Out Of The House And Goes To See Metallica:

Metallica’s two-night run at SoFi Stadium within Inglewood, California, last weekend broke records for the number of people who came to see them. Along with famous people such as Jason Momoa as well as John Travolta, there was also a dog named Storm who was there.

The local Animal Hope & Wellness Organization said at first that a dog named Storm had been left by its owner at the show on Friday, August 25, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. They posted a shot of the dog sitting in the crowd with fans, which quickly went viral on Facebook.

The four-legged metalhead was spotted at one of the shows, and when she didn’t leave with the other fans, she was transported to an animal shelter.

Storm’s Owner Left Her At The Show And Never Came Back:

The Animal Health & Wellness Organization said in a Facebook post that Storm’s owner had left her at the show, but it turns out that wasn’t true.

Since then, Metallica and Storm’s proprietor, Arizbeth Hurtado, have said that Storm got out of her house and found her way to the nearest venue, where she watched the show.

But it turned out that Storm had left her owner’s house on her own and gotten into the event without paying hundreds of dollars for tickets.

The Next Day, Storm Was Reunited With Her Real Family:

On Thursday, August 31, Metallica made a post on social media about its new fuzzy fan to clear up any misunderstanding.

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“You might have heard that we had a four-legged fan join ourselves for #M72LA!” the Bay Area band penned. “Despite what people said, our friend Storm got out of her house next to @sofistadium on her own and went to the show.

After spending all night with her #MetallicaFamily watching the show, Storm was reunited with her real family the next day. Arizbeth Hurtado, Storm’s owner, told PetHelpful that she and her family reside near SoFi Stadium as well as were shocked to find out that Storm likes the following music: “She must be a huge Metallica devotee because she sneaked out to go to the concert.”

Metallica Broke The Record For The Most People Who Came To One Show At SoFi Stadium:

Metallica’s shows last weekend, on Friday and Sunday, August 27th, broke the record for the most people who came to one show at SoFi Stadium. On the first night, 80,000 people showed up.

The band is in the middle of a two-year M72 world tour to promote its new record, “72 Seasons. Its afterwards shows are set for Friday, September 1, and Sunday, September 3, at Glendale, Arizona’s State Farm Stadium.

Last week, one of Metallica’s two shows in Los Angeles was also attended by actor Jason Momoa. The Aquaman as well as Game of Thrones actor filmed himself jumping around and shouting, “These scumbags opened with Whiplash!” He then posted the video to Instagram.

Storm Was A Member Of The Met Club For Sure:

Metallica is still on tour to promote their 72 Seasons record from this year. At every place they visit, they play two full shows. They play tonight and September 3 at the State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.

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On October 8, they will be the main act at the Power Trip event in Indio, California. Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Tool, as well as Judas Priest are some of the other main acts.

Metallica’s message said that supporters should leave pets at home, but that Storm was a proven member of the Met Club, which is made up of the band’s most loyal fans.

“She had an excellent time listening to her beloved songs, like ‘Barx terna,’ ‘Master of Puppies,’ and ‘The Mailman That Never Comes.'” In case you were asking, the answer is no. You shouldn’t bring your pets to the #M72 World Tour at all,” the band wrote. “This dog had her day, though.”