The end of Marvel’s Avengers is a reality: confirmed the date on which it will receive the last update and its development will end


Just over two years after its original release, Crystal Dynamics Set to End Active Development of Marvel’s Avengersa decision that he says “to have taken together with our partners.”

According to a new blog post titled “Final Update on the Future of Marvel’s Avengers,” support will be discontinued on September 30, 2023, date from which digital purchases will no longer be available. All solo content will still be playable after support ends, and multiplayer will continue to be available as well.

Crystal Dynamics does not plan to release any new stories, features, or heroes., so Update 2.7 (which added Winter Soldier and the Cloning Lab Omega Level Threat) will be the last content release for Marvel’s Avengers. Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation exclusive character.

The last balance update will be 2.8, which will be released on March 31.. Afterwards, Crystal Dynamics says that they will disable the cosmetics market and credits will no longer be able to be purchased. Credits will be converted to in-game resources and all cosmetics will be available for free.

A big disappointment

We called Marvel’s Avengers one of the biggest disappointments of E3 2019 when it was first revealed, and it didn’t fare much better when it released the following year, earning mixed reviews from gamers and critics alike. It soon saw a major drop in the concurrent player count.

Crystal Dynamics kept releasing new content, including several new characters, but never regained momentum after its troubled launch.

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Miller Ross, the person in charge of being in contact with the community, was the first to break the news that Marvel’s Avengers would shut down and that the team would move to Amazon Games’ Tomb Raider project. The report also claims that Crystal Dynamics fired lead designer Brian Wagoner after a series of tweets from 2014 were discovered in November, leading to to a public denial by the study.

Asked about the news, Crystal Dynamics has provided a link to the blog and has not made any further statements.

We know it’s disappointing news, as all members of our community are very attached to these characters and their stories,” Crystal Dynamics wrote on its website. “We are very, very grateful that you have come on this adventure with us. Your enthusiasm for Marvel’s Avengers—from your epic Photo Mode captures, to your threads theorizing who our next Heroes would be, to your Twitch streams—has played a huge part in bringing this game to life.”