The entire dragons of Sport of Thrones: The Space of the Dragon that we see and can see within the collection


Sport of Thrones marked the go back of the dragons to Westeros after virtually two centuries of absence. Its prequel collection, Space of the Dragon, in response to George RR Martin’s tale of the upward thrust and fall of the Targaryen dynasty titled Hearth and Blood, is ready in the time when dragons abounded and dominated the skies of Westeros.

That is the tale of the way they got here to die.

The Space of the Dragon will display dragons as protectors of more than a few factions of the Targaryens, but in addition as omnipotent guns utilized in a battle referred to as the Dance of Dragons, a years-long marketing campaign for succession between the more than a few Targaryen claimants to the Throne. of Iron, a battle that shall be tragic for all concerned, each people and dragons.

Underneath we’ve compiled an inventory of all dragons that seemed all the way through the Dragon Dance. Some have already seemed in The Space of the Dragon, whilst many others aren’t anticipated to look for a number of seasons because of the vital passages of time which can be narrated in Hearth and Blood.

Let’s get started with probably the most infamous Targaryen dragon of all…

Balerion the Black Terror

Balerion, the eldest and oldest of the Targaryen dragons, was once piloted via Aegon the Conqueror and later changed into King Viserys I’s steed. The black and pink dragon is lifeless by the point Space of the Dragon starts, however his large cranium may also be noticed on show within the Pink Stay.


The second one biggest dragon of the Targaryens, Vhagar is an historical feminine dragon and the closing of those who flew all the way through Aegon’s conquest, when she served as a steed for Queen Visenya Targaryen. In combination, they burned the Arryn fleet within the waters of Gulltown. Vhagar was once named after a god of Previous Valyria, and shall be a significant factor within the next occasions of Space of the Dragon.

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As described in George RR Martin’s reliable e-book, The International of Ice and Hearth: The Untold Tale of Westeros, the yellowish Syrax is the “large and ambitious” feminine steed of Princess Rhaenyra (portrayed in The Space of Dragon via Milly Alcock as a tender girl and Emma D’Arcy as an grownup).


Nicknamed the Blood Wyrm, this huge pink, horned beast is the steed of Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and is as fearsome and ferocious as its rider.


Together with his golden scales and flame, it is no marvel this large and ambitious male dragon is nicknamed “Sunfire the Golden”. He’s the steed of Aegon II Targaryen (who shall be performed in Space of the Dragon as an grownup via Tom Glynn-Carney and as a formative years via Ty Tennant).


“The Bronze Fury”, the 3rd biggest dragon, is described as “outdated and grey-haired”. This male dragon was once as soon as the steed of Jaehaerys I Targaryen, aka the Previous King.

That cost

As soon as ridden via Queen Alysanne Targaryen, this dragon will later turn out to be the steed of Ulf the White, a personality who has now not but been offered in Space of the Dragon.


“The Pink Queen” is the steed of The Queen That By no means Used to be, Princess Rhaenys (performed in Space of the Dragon via Eve Best possible). Meleys is described in The International of Ice and Hearth as “outdated and crafty, lazy, however fearsome when she wakes up”.

Lunar dancer

Described as a “narrow and lovely” dragon, she is the small however swift steed of Woman Baela Targaryen (who shall be portrayed in Space of the Dragon via actresses Shani Smethurst and Bethany Antonia as younger and grownup Baela, respectively).

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This grey and white dragon continues to be reasonably younger all the way through the Dance with Dragons, all the way through which he joins Ser Laenor Velaryon (performed in Space of the Dragon as a young person via Theo Nate and later as an grownup via John Macmillan).


This silver and blue dragon has been the steed of each Princess Rhaena Targaryen (daughter of Aenys I) and Queen Helaena Targaryen at other occasions. Helaena shall be performed via Phia Saban as an grownup and Evie Allen as a tender girl in Space of the Dragon.


“The Blue Queen” is Prince Daeron Targaryen’s steed, a job but to be solid in Space of the Dragon. This dragon, who breathes blue flames, is claimed to be more youthful than Dreamfire, Sunfire, and Vhagar.


This younger male dragon won’t seem in Space of the Dragon till later within the collection, all the way through which period he’ll be Aegon the More youthful’s steed.


This younger male dragon will function a steed for Prince Jacaerys Velaryon (who shall be performed within the HBO collection via Harry Collett as an grownup and Leo Hart as a tender guy).


Mentioned to be 5 occasions smaller than Vhagar, this younger male dragon is the steed of Prince Lucerys Velaryon (who shall be performed via Elliot Grihault as an grownup and Harvey Sadler as a tender guy in Space of the Dragon).


Prince Joffrey Velaryon’s steed, Tyraxes, was once now not as massive as Vermax and Arrax. Joffrey’s function has but to be solid in Space of the Dragon.

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This younger dragon is tied to the Targaryen princess Jaehaera, a job that has but to be solid in Space of the Dragon.


This feminine dragon is tied to Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen (son of Aegon II), a job that has but to be solid in Space of the Dragon.


Descendant of Syrax, this dragon was once born all the way through the Dance of Dragons. Alba has red scales and black horns and is the steed of Woman Rhaena Targaryen (who shall be performed in Space of the Dragon via Phoebe Campbell as an grownup and Eva Ossei-Gerning as a tender girl).

sheep stealer

This “brown and undeniable” wild dragon is tamed via a “undeniable, lowborn, and disreputable woman” named Nettles, who feeds the dragon mutton to win it over. Nettles has now not but been offered in The Space of the Dragon.


Any other beast but to be offered to Space of the Dragon, this wild dragon is understood in Hearth and Blood for by no means having been tamed, a lot much less ridden, and for consuming different dragons, therefore its title. Legend has it that it has stalked Dragonstone since sooner than the Targaryens got here.

grey ghost

Like Cannibal, that is some other wild dragon that was once by no means tamed or ridden and has to look in The Space of the Dragon. It’s stated that he consumed fish somewhat than folks.

In finding out what occurs to the principle Homes of Sport of Thrones all the way through Space of the Dragon, which has already been renewed for a 2nd season. And remember to learn our evaluate of episode 1 and episode 2.