The eSports team 100 Thieves prepares a new video game with a veteran of Fable and Burnout Paradise


Project X is the code name for a title that promises to count on its community for development.

The eSports team 100 Thieves seeks to explore beyond the competition and has announced the development of its first video game. He has done it through a YouTube video, echoed by Gamesradar, and a new Twitter account that the organization has opened for the occasion, its code name is Project X.

The CEO of 100 Thieves, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and the director of operations, John Robinsonhave confessed that they were looking to start a new project outside the world of electronic sports and that they intend have developers and your own community. Both have been sure of the project, counting on the experience they have about what makes a video game work.

To lead the project, 100 Thieves will have Pete Hawley, executive producer of Burnout Paradise at EA, former CEO of Telltale Games, and veteran of Fable, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone. Robinson has acknowledged that they are still at a very early stage for the project, although they are “actively recruiting staff” and they promise to have news soon.

In his statement, Nadeshot discussed his experiences playing Halo 2, Call of Duty, Pokémon, and Starcraft, how much he enjoyed the competition, and how they made him fall in love with video games. “I love building and creating new things and I think I have found my next challenge,” shared Nadeshot. We still don’t even know the gender or the style that the game will have, although it is a project that we will undoubtedly have to follow closely.

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