The European Consumer Organization has filed a complaint with Nintendo about the Joy-Con


The European Consumers Organization has submitted a complaint to the European Commission on the issue of Nintendo Switch and the problems caused by the Joy-Con peripheral. In addition, you have requested a “research across Europe” about the topic.

The European Consumers Organization (BEUC) revealed the news through the organization’s website, noting that they have been presented “almost 25,000” Complaints from Switch-owning consumers across Europe. If you are not familiar with the subject, the problem with the Joy-Con has to do with the fact that, over time, the analog sticks of the console controllers register movements without the intervention of the player.

The article reports that, based on consumer testimonials, “In 88% of the cases, the game controllers broke during the first two years of use.”. This has prompted BEUC to file a complaint with the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities. “due to premature obsolescence and misleading omissions of key consumer information.”.

BEUC also requests a “research across Europe” on the Joy-Con problem, asking Nintendo to “urgently address premature product errors”. The article also suggests that faulty controllers should be repaired for free by Nintendo. “Consumers assume that the products they buy last an adequate time according to justified expectations, and do not have to pay for expensive replacements due to a technical defect.”said Monique Goyens, director of BEUC. “Nintendo must now find suitable solutions for the thousands of consumers affected by this problem.”.

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Nintendo has had to deal with legal problems on the subject in Europe, Canada and the United States. Recently. Additionally, the Canadian law firm Lambert Avocat filed a request to file a class action lawsuit against Nintendo in January of this year.

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