The exact moment a Mexican boxer begged to stop her fight

A boxer cries out to quit

Mexican women’s boxing experienced a shocking moment during the fight of Alma Ibarra contra Jessica McCaskill. The Mexican boxer tried to contend for the unified championships of the AMB, CMB, FIB, OMB and The Ring in the welterweight; However, at the beginning of the fourth round, she implored the fight to stop because she could no longer withstand the blows of the American.

When the third round ended, in their corner they encouraged the native of Monterey, Nuevo Leon to go ahead, but the blows he had already received prevented him from coming out in the fourth round and he implored his coach to stop the fight because she was no longer sure she would continue to contend and expressed that her life was in danger.

When the bell rang for both fighters to go out to the ring, the Mexican was still talking with her coach. And in the midst of the euphoria that was lived in the ring, Alma Ibarra shouted:

Alma Ibarra implored to stop their fight (Photo: Twitter/@DAZNBoxing)
Alma Ibarra implored to stop their fight (Photo: Twitter/@DAZNBoxing)

“Nerd! I just want to get home alive with my son!”

The referee of the fight approached the boxer’s corner to find out what was going on. In a video posted by DAZN Boxing you could see all the details of how Alma Ibarra insisted on stopping the fight because she felt that her well-being was compromised, which is why she asked to arrive “alive home” with her family.

When his coach accepted the request, He told the referee that they would no longer go out and so the judges gave Jessica McCaskill the victory by technical knockout. Immediately on the side of the American they celebrated the achievement since he defended his championships and rectified his unification in the welterweight.

The Mexican boxer tried to win the unified WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring welterweight championships (Photo: Instagram/@alma.ibarraa)
The Mexican boxer tried to win the unified WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring welterweight championships (Photo: Instagram/@alma.ibarraa)

Despite the fact that Alma Ibarra did not appear to be physically injured on her face or in any part of her body, she assured that she was in no condition to continue fighting. And it is that in the first three rounds, the current champion managed to connect different blows in the part of the abdomen of the regiomontanawhich caused the Mexican boxer to double down and let her guard down.

Although the fight was planned for 12 rounds, baThere were only three for the Mexican to abandon the contest for her well-being. And it is that the means of having a fateful result was due to the recent cases of Jeanette Zacarias ZapataMexican boxer who lost her life after receiving a forceful knockout in an official WBC fight in September 2021. Due to the damage she suffered, she lost her life in a matter of days and could not recover from the brain damage she received in the fight.

Another more recent case involved Alejandra Ayala, Mexican super welterweight fighter who fell into a coma after receiving a blow that knocked her out. Although she received medical attention in Scotland, she spent several days in an induced coma.

Who is Alma Ibarra?

The native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, missed the opportunity to represent Mexico at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after being the victim of a kidnapping

Ibarra, 34, has a journey of five years as a professional, but before that he was able to build a prolific amateur career. In his record there is a medal for plata in the Central American Gamesas well as a bronze in the Pan American. It wasn’t until he was 29 years old that he decided to break into the Big Top as a professional.

His presentation took place on April 6, 2017, when she faced and defeated Estefany Maldonado in her debut. Since then he undertook a short career consisting of 11 brawls which, for the most part, has vented in Mexican territory. Contra McCaskill will be the second time he has performed in the United States, as well as the fourth abroad, as he has also given exhibitions in Canada and Puerto Rico.


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