The fan remake of Metroid Prime in 2D already has a playable demo


Metroid Prime is considered one of the best video games of the series. The return of Samus to Nintendo video consoles, back in 2002, it meant the consolidation of Retro Studios as one of the fittest development teams, at that time, of the Japanese company. The title has staunch defenders, and it is a video game experience that is still fully valid today. Surely that is what they think from SCU Team, a small development team that is carrying out a remake of the mythical video game that intends to transfer it to a two-dimensional environment. Its creators, who have been with the project for a long time, have just announced that It already has a playable demo so we can taste its honeys.

The job title is none other than “Prime 2D”, and has been in development since, nothing more and nothing less, than 2004. He is in charge of a group of people made up of programmers and volunteer workers who have been pressing the key in silence for more than a decade. On the project’s own website, your communication team defines the title in this way:

“Prime 2D has always been approached as a fan project for the pleasure of creating and learning, something that has been exemplified by many previous contributors who used the skills learned in this project as a way to enter the games industry. As the project has matured, so have we as creators, raising the level of quality expected from a game … Rather than copying the original material exactly, we focus on taking the basics, translating them, and then implementing them in a logical 2D solution..”

This announcement regarding the current availability of a playable demo has certainly given the project a boost in terms of relevance. And this is something that has a double face, since like many more players will know, as of today, the existence of this title in development, too Nintendo’s gaze on it will intensify. Which means that surely their lawyers will not take long to go out for a walk., if they haven’t already. With which, if you’re curious, don’t hesitate to download the demo sooner rather than laterIt would not be surprising if it disappeared from the map at any moment.

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