The fastest growing industries to invest


Before deciding where to invest, it is prudent to draw up a personal financial plan — to assess your income, that part of them that is supposed to be spent on savings, as well as the purposes for which savings are formed. For example, to save up for a car, apartment, children’s education or old age, completely different investment strategies may be required. In other words, you need to tie your investment to your personal happiness plan. This is too personal like the methods. For example you may place bets at to make some money.

Now the market has enough offers of bonds denominated in dollars and euros from both domestic and foreign issuers. For those who are ready to take big risks, it makes sense to pay attention to the shares of the world’s largest companies — access to the western trading floors on which they are quoted, now provided by leading brokers. Experts usually advise keeping 30-50% of savings in foreign exchange assets, but this issue largely depends on the personal goals and preferences of investors.

The question “Where to invest money?” interests both beginners and experienced investors. After all, you need to know where to invest your money so that later you will receive a high and stable income from it.

Here are the top 5 most profitable industries for investment, based on expert assessments, risk statistics and investment project indicators:

  • IT technologies. The first and most profitable investment is in the field of IT — technologies. The IT technology market is currently the most dynamic in the world. Its global turnover is about $ 3.4 trillion per year. This area is relevant and is constantly developing all over the world. According to experts, the most profitable are mobile Internet and online sales. These areas of the IT industry are the most popular and rapidly developing in the modern world.
  • Waste recycling. The second lucrative industry to invest in is the recycling business. The most important thing is that there is no risk of competition in it — it is almost absent, and there is always a source of raw materials. Modern processing technologies make it possible to obtain up to 800 grams of secondary raw materials from a kilogram of waste. The projected payback of this type of business is from 10 months to 2 years.
  • Distance learning. The distance learning market and business education placed at the third rung of profitable industries. Investing in education has always been a lucrative business, and online learning is now common among both educational institutions and large companies.
  • The property. The most ancient and stable type of investment is investment in real estate. The larger the city, the higher the entry threshold. Entering the real estate market requires a lot of money, so only large investors can do it.
  • Bank deposit. In fifth place is the long-standing common option — a bank deposit. Cooperation with a bank is suitable for people who are far from investing and do not want to learn anything more about investing. An important point here is the presence of risk in an unstable economic situation. Moreover, the percentage of profitability on deposits is not so high comparing to investing in a business.
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Before investing your money, it is recommended to provide for all the details and risks related to the chosen project. The prospect of investing money is still a rather cautious business, so everyone chooses a project that he or she considers beneficial for himself with all the nuances that come with it. The main thing is caution and detail.