The first official trailer for Super Mario Bros: The Movie is revealed, which we show you dubbed into Spanish (and with Chris Pratt)


We already have the first official trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie after being presented, as planned, in the Nintendo Direct dedicated exclusively to the film. The official title of the film will be Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

Also shown at the New York Comic-Con panel, the trailer opens with a glimpse of Bowser’s floating island making its way to a penguin kingdom, before Kamek introduces Jack Black’s Bowser.

Here you have the official trailer in Spanish:

Y here you can see it in englishin case you want to listen to the original dubbing with the long-awaited voice of Chris Pratt as Mario:

Following Bowser’s introduction, the penguins try to fight it off by throwing snowballs at the Koopas, before King Koopa destroys the city gate to find one of the franchise’s iconic Superstars. We see Mario shoot down a pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom, where he is greeted by Keegan-Michael Key’s Toad. Pratt’s Mario doesn’t say much, other than “What is this place?” and “The Mushroom Kingdom is here!”. The trailer ends with a quick shot of Luigi running away.

It is the first time we hear the “updated” voice that Chris Pratt adopted for the film. The voice has been the talk of the town since the film was announced, with producer Chris Meledandri saying “the reviews will evaporate” when people hear it, though he cautioned “maybe not entirely: people love to voice their opinions.” , as it should be.”

Originally announced in 2018, Super Mario Bros: The Movie is being produced by Nintendo and Illumination. The film would resurface again during the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, in which Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto announced the film’s cast.

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The film will be released in March 2023.