The first PS5 Slim does not come from the hands of PlayStation but from a fan: seeing how it is made is pure magic


The DIY Perks channel has reformed the latest PlayStation, achieving a size that does not exceed 2 cm thick.

There is currently a very high demand for PS5 and, although much of this phenomenon happens as a result of the semiconductor crisis, there is no doubt that the benefits of the latest Sony console have captured the interest of more than one player. The company has been improving the user experience with recurring updates, so, not counting certain rumors that point to the appearance of new Pro controllers, we still need to see initiatives as typical of PlayStation as a PS5 Slim.

The youtuber replaces specific PS5 parts with small homemade inventionsHowever, a youtuber has gone ahead of the Japanese company and has created his own version of PS5 Slim. Matthew Perkswho stars in the YouTube channel DIY Perks, has surprised us today with a PlayStation 5 that does not reach 2 cm thickwhich represents a considerable reduction in the original size of a device that has drawn attention both for its possibilities in the sector and for its dimensions.

PlayStation 5

We could say that Perks works magic with his hands, since, as they say from Kotaku, he is capable of replacing parts designed expressly for PS5 by little inventions including more common materials. Despite this feat, it is important to note that there is a small catch: there are parts of this PS5 Slim that are outside the main case, as is the case with the refrigeration system. However, it is impossible not to applaud the achievement of Matthew Perks after seeing how he fits most of the components in such a small space.

It goes without saying that, although this process looks simple, it is not recommended to imitate it in our homes. While we wait for Sony to announce its official PS5 Slim, we have a good assortment of games for make the most of the standard version. After all, the last State of Play left us wanting to try games like Stray, which will be released in July, and future promises like Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy XVI or The Last of Us: Part 1.

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