The first season of The Last of Us on HBO will adapt the first game but will deviate greatly in some episodes


The Last of Us on HBO will replicate the events of the video games, says the executive producer of the series, Neil Druckmann (and director of the games), but in some episodes “will deviate greatly“of the events that we know.

The Last of Us is the first of several planned adaptations by PlayStation to film and television, and with the roles of Ellie and Joel cast, one of the biggest questions remains how faithful the HBO series will be to the original story. Speaking to IGN during SXSW 2021, The Last of Us game director and executive producer Neil Druckmann spoke about his and showrunner Craig Mazin’s approach to adapting the acclaimed original game.

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We talked at length about how the first season will encompass the events of the first game.“Druckmann explained, noting that for him and Mazin”the philosophical foundations of history“They were essential to get the adaptation right.”As for superficial things, should a character wear the same shirt? You can do it or not, that’s less important to us than knowing the core of who these people are and the reasons for their trip.“.

And while Druckmann couldn’t reveal too much about the team’s exact plans for how the series will play out compared to the game, he did explain that viewers will recognize some lines and be amazed by most of the episodes.

The events are sometimes quite similar. It’s funny to see my dialogue from the games in the HBO scripts. But sometimes they deviate a lot to achieve a much better effect since we are dealing with a different medium“, He said.

“For example, in the game there is so much action that you have to train the player on the mechanics. You have to have more violence and more spectacle than you would need in a TV series because you don’t need to train the viewer on how to use a weapon. So that’s something that’s been really different, and HBO has been great at pushing us away from the hardcore action and focusing more on character drama. Some of my favorite episodes thus far have strayed a lot from the original story and I can’t wait for people to see them. “

Druckmann did not want to elaborate but did show a lot of enthusiasm for the casting of Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. In addition, he made some comments about one of the most dire threats in the game that will also come to life in the series.

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I just saw the first prosthetic trial of the Clicker and it’s amazing. It’s great to see this come to physical life“, He said.