The first STALKER is being remastered by a modder, and the truth is that it promises


This unofficial update looks so good, it’s even reminiscent of the new game, delayed to 2023.

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

STALKER: Shadow of the Chernobyl, originally released in 2007, has had countless mods throughout its history and what we bring you today is another amateur work by a fan called Andrey0007, which is remastering this action-survival classic. And nothing better than seeing how his work is going with the images of the current state of development, which to be the work of a single person, looks very good. The modder promises many exciting features that will delight fans as they wait until 2023 for STALKER 2.

The update of Andrey0007 will replace the current textures with others in 4K. This will be possible thanks to artificial intelligence scaling techniques, similar to how NVIDIA’s DLSS or AMD’s FSR improves resolution. Also, the modder will create some textures from scratch so that they integrate well with the aesthetics of the title.

Imagen de STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

Other important sections of the original work would be changed and improved by others. Andrey has somewhat more ambitious future plans. It is about replacing many of the sounds and change them for better ones. He also wants to do the same with the dialogues and his NPCs. Both were one of the highlights of the original game. Furthermore, the shading system also wants to replace it with another of higher quality.

It is worth remembering that STALKER: Shadow of the Chernobyl is such a famous game that has received multiple mods from the community, and unofficial remasterings, some of them very prominent. While we wait for STALKER 2 until 2023, this mod may delight many users.

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