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the flash major character deaths so far

The Flash isn’t any stranger to killing off main characters and, after six seasons, it’s even come to be anticipated. Some characters have been resurrected within the type of a doppelgänger from one other earth or a loophole that allowed for his or her return in some way because of “Disaster on Infinite Earths” or Barry Allen time touring to the previous and altering the timeline.

Nonetheless, generally, the deaths on the present are pretty everlasting. On common, The Flash has killed off not less than one character per season. Whereas it’s normally a villain who dies, nobody is basically secure (even when it’s solely a short lived demise like Cisco’s was in Season 1). Wanting again on the final six seasons, right here is each main character demise that has occurred on The Flash to date, ranked from the primary to probably the most present.

the flash nora allen

Nora Allen (Season 1)

The demise of Barry’s mother was primarily what kicked off his story in The Flash Season 1. She was killed off by Barry’s endlessly nemesis Reverse-Flash, stabbed within the chest after the villain time-traveled to the previous (and received caught there). Michelle Harrison’s Nora Allen was the primary main character to die on the present and has since develop into the one whose demise has been revisited probably the most because the pilot. What’s extra, the pace drive itself has appeared to Grant Gustin’s Barry a number of occasions carrying the visage of his mom. And so, when the pace drive died in Season 6, it was like watching Nora die once more. Speak about brutal.

eddie thawne the flash season 1

Eddie Thawne (Season 1)

Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Thawne was a collection common throughout The Flash’s first season, nevertheless it appeared like he was at all times destined to die. Within the present’s early days, Eddie was nothing greater than a short lived roadblock standing in the best way of Barry and Candice Patton’s Iris from getting collectively. Nonetheless, after it was revealed that he was Eobard Thawne’s ancestor, Eddie sacrifices himself within the hopes that he would cease Eobard’s nefarious plans by erasing him from existence totally. The plan succeeded and Eddie died saving Group Flash and Central Metropolis.

reverse flash eobard thawne

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (Season 1)

Ah sure, Eobard Thawne. The villain often known as Reverse-Flash has been a thorn in Barry’s facet from the very starting of the present. At first, he masqueraded as the true Harrison Wells earlier than his true identification was later revealed. The character has been performed by each Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher to nice impact all through the collection, however that is one character who by no means appears to die utterly. Bear in mind these loopholes I used to be speaking about earlier?

In Season 2, Eobard does return and his reappearance is defined by the use of a time remnant, created by Reverse-Flash extracting one other model of himself from the timeline to protect his survival. The villain has appeared a number of occasions all through the seasons, however Eddie’s demise on the finish of Season 1 did successfully kill off OG Eobard regardless of what number of occasions he exhibits again as much as wreak havoc on Barry’s life. Time journey, am I proper? Maybe he’ll meet a extra everlasting finish in The Flash Season 7, however solely time will inform.

robbie amell ronnie raymond the flash

Ronnie Raymond (Season 1)

Caitlin spent most of The Flash Season 1 believing that her fiancé Ronnie had died within the particle accelerator explosion. Nonetheless, Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond was capable of merge with Martin Stein to develop into the superhero Firestorm. However, within the aftermath of Reverse-Flash’s defeat, Ronnie and Stein flew right into a wormhole to cease a singularity from obliterating Central Metropolis. Within the Season 2 premiere, flashbacks element what occurred on that fateful day and that, whereas Stein survived the singularity and its subsequent explosion, Ronnie didn’t. Amell later returned in Season 2’s “Welcome to Earth-2,” enjoying his authentic character’s evil doppelgänger. Nonetheless, his return was short-lived and he was killed off by the villain Zoom.

henry allen the flash

Henry Allen (Season 2)

It wasn’t sufficient that The Flash killed off Barry’s mother, however the present needed to off his dad as nicely. This demise is tragic as a result of, after wrongfully being convicted for the homicide of his spouse, Henry was lastly out of jail and again in Barry’s life. Nonetheless, issues had been going a bit too nicely and Zoom had to make sure that the scarlet speedster paid the last word value. And so, throughout a cocktail party on the West home, Zoom exhibits as much as kidnap Henry, taking him to Barry’s childhood house.

Whereas there, Zoom taunts Barry for a bit whereas holding his father hostage. Henry tells Barry that all the pieces will likely be okay and that he loves him proper earlier than Zoom vibrates his hand by way of Henry’s chest. It was a tragic twist that truthfully did not must occur. Fortunately, John Wesley Shipp was capable of return to the present in Season 3, enjoying the true Jay Garrick/The Flash of Earth-3.

the flash francine west

Francine West (Season 2)

The Flash Season 2 launched Wally West as Iris’ lengthy misplaced brother. Nonetheless, earlier than Wally’s arrival, Joe revealed to Iris that he had lied to her about her mom Francine being useless for many of her life. In truth, she was alive and residing within the neighboring metropolis. Iris grew to become offended together with her mom for leaving her behind solely to boost one other youngster and maintain him a secret. Sadly, Francine had solely returned as a result of she was sick and wanted Joe and Iris to take Wally in.


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Vanessa Williams’ Francine died halfway by way of Season 2 from MacGregor’s Syndrome. What’s extra, there wasn’t all that a lot closure for Iris or Wally (who did not share any scenes together with his personal mother). I am nonetheless bitter that the present did not do proper by her or her storyline and performed into stereotypes by having Francine be a drug addict. Sadly, she’s by no means reappeared on the present since her demise.

the flash zoom hunter zolomon

Hunter Zolomon/Zoom (Season 2)

Teddy Sears’ Hunter initially joined the staff underneath the guise of Jay Garrick, however he was ultimately revealed to be Zoom, the vicious speedster from Earth-2 who had damaged Barry’s again and wished to empty his pace. Within the Season 2 finale, Zoom challenged Barry to a race in order to make use of their mixed pace (amplified by a machine from Mercury Labs) that will destroy the multiverse’s different earths. Barry employs using time remnants to finest Zoom. Nonetheless, as an alternative of exacting revenge, Barry leaves Zoom’s destiny within the palms of the time wraiths, who whisk Zoom away, by no means to be seen once more.

hr wells the flash season 3

HR Wells (Season 3)

Tom Cavanagh has performed so many variations of Harrison Wells at this level, however HR Wells stands other than the remainder as a result of he sacrificed himself to avoid wasting Iris in The Flash Season 3. After Iris is kidnapped by Savitar, HR Wells makes use of his face-changing machine to take her place on the final minute. And so, when Savitar goes to kill Iris, it’s HR Wells posing because the intrepid reporter that he stabs as an alternative. The demise is so plausible that even I (and Barry) thought that Iris had died there for a second.

the flash savitar

Savitar (Season 3)

Savitar was probably the most grotesque villains on The Flash, so it was surprising when it was later revealed that the villain was none aside from Barry himself. Or, somewhat a time remnant of Barry created to cease a future model of Savitar who lived after which grew to become Savitar himself. When you have a headache proper about now, that’s as a result of the whole clarification for why any future model of Barry (corrupted or not) would need to kill Iris simply to piss off current Barry is mindless. Anyway, after inflicting a lot mayhem and tragedy, the staff battles Savitar, nevertheless it’s Iris who offers the ultimate blow, capturing him within the again and erasing him from existence.

the thinker the flash season 4

Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker (Season 4)

The Flash’s fourth season launched Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands), who grew to become often known as the Thinker. DeVoe’s plans had been to devolve human intelligence to the start of evolutionary occasions and begin from scratch, powering his personal thoughts to show the world in what he known as the enlightenment. In fact, plans like that by no means finish nicely. Barry and Ralph entered DeVoe’s thoughts to seek out what remained of his good facet. Whereas that weakened him, it was his spouse Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) who finally pulled the plug on the chair that was hooked to his thoughts, ending his life.

nora west allen the flash

Nora West-Allen (Season 5)

Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Nora West-Allen joined The Flash in Season 4, showing first as a thriller waitress at Barry and Iris’ marriage ceremony. She interacted with the characters at a number of factors all through the season earlier than being revealed as Barry and Iris’ future daughter on the finish of the Season Four finale. Nora’s plans in Season 5 boiled all the way down to defeating the villain Cicada and saving her dad from dying in 2024 (an occasion that was later moved up in “Disaster on Infinite Earths”).

After destroying Cicada’s dagger and setting off a sequence of occasions that rewrote the timeline, Nora selected to take duty for her actions and opted to vanish from existence somewhat than faucet into the unfavourable pace drive. Naturally, as Barry and Iris’ future daughter, there’s hope that we’ll see her once more in some unspecified time in the future down the road.

cynthia the flash jessica camacho

Cynthia Reynolds/Gypsy (Season 6)

Portrayed by All Rise actress Jessica Camacho, Cynthia was first launched in Season Three of The Flash and he or she and Carlos Valdes’ Cisco had improbable chemistry. They started a long-distance relationship (she lived on Earth-19) shortly after and issues had been good for some time. Nonetheless, on the finish of Season 4, Cynthia and Cisco determined to name it quits. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to such a improbable character. However, in a shocking twist, the villain Echo killed Cynthia in The Flash Season 6 after she tried to carry him in for his crimes. It was unlucky that Cynthia needed to die in any respect, a lot much less offscreen.

the flash harry wells jesse quick

Harry Wells and Jesse Fast (Season 6)

Harry and Jesse had been launched in Season 2 of The Flash and had fairly a future on the present. The final we noticed of each characters was in Season 4, however contemplating Harry’s proclivity to point out up at any given level, it was anticipated that we hadn’t seen the final of my favourite model of Wells.

Nonetheless, following the occasions of “Disaster on Infinite Earths,” the multiverse collapsed and was reborn into Earth-Prime, with a splash of different earths sprinkled right here and there. With the reshaping of the multiverse, Harry and Jesse are presumed useless and didn’t make it out when the earths merged. We all know that Stargirl exists on a completely new model of Earth-2, nevertheless it’s unlikely that the present will work together with the remainder of the Arrowverse anytime quickly and meaning Jesse and Harry are actually gone for good.

The Flash will return for Season 7 in January 2021 on The CW. The solid and crew is predicted to start filming the season quickly. Within the meantime, make sure to try our 2020 fall TV premiere information for extra viewing choices.

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