The Google search engine will change its design completely: it will integrate widgets, news or the weather on the cover


All users who have used the Google search engine for many years have a really simple image of it. A completely clean page that basically offers the search field, albeit with backgrounds that are fully customizable. Now this is going to end up changing with the new that is already being prepared and that it will take advantage of this space around the search field.

The plans of the company of the great G would go through transforming the search engine into a new Discover but in the computer browser. This means that different cards with interesting information will be added and always based on your search criteria through the Google account that is linked.

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The change that we were all in the Google search engine

We already saw this feature of adding widgets to the browser in February, but in a fleeting way. Now the tests seem to be going much further, and Many users have been able to access this new version by surprise. And it is that when you start this new version you are asked to select the interests that are most related to you to have a completely customizable experience.

Google Discover

This is somewhat similar to what happens in Discover, where at first you will select a list of topics or keywords to display news that are related. Likewise, air quality cards, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, nearby events, weather, sports…

Without at doubt it is quite a radical policy shift, since Google has always opted for a minimalist system. But in the end it may be the most logical move in order to offer users the most satisfying experience possible. Keep in mind that in Chrome (especially on Android) you can find a Discover right at the bottom of the main search engine.

Google Search Widgets 7

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The big question now is: when will it reach all users? At the moment these are simple tests that Google is carrying out with users randomly. It has not made this design change public through any of its channels, so we will still have to wait several months, probably for it to be definitively implemented, or they may back down again to continue shaping this feature.


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