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The Government lied and hid the seriousness of AMLO’s COVID-19: Raymundo Riva Palacio


Before the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, confirm that he was sick with COVID-19He was already feeling bad, but still, he had a telephone conversation with the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

According to the journalist Raymundo Riva Palacio in his column that he writes in The financialLópez Obrador spoke with the new US president on Friday, January 22, on issues related to migration and cooperation for development and well-being. The talk, Mexican officials said, was superficial and only dealt with Central American migration, where López Obrador told him that his plan for the region had been adopted by all countries, which is false, the journalist stressed.

In the early hours of Sunday, January 24, the Mexican president tested positive for COVID-19 and by the afternoon of that same day, he already had a fever and felt very bad.

“The doctors recommended complete rest, but the president did not want to cancel the call with Putin the next day, due to the urgency to guarantee vaccines for the next few months, after the setbacks he had with Pfizer, from whom they could not claim the cut of supplies because they had been doses that the government of Donald Trump gave him, and with AstraZeneca, “said the columnist.


Riva Palacio assured that López Obrador’s talk with Putin was practically non-existent. “The president felt so bad that he barely spoke a few words, including the greeting, leaving all the weight of the conversation to the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, who did speak to Putin about supplying Sputnik-V vaccines to Mexico over the next few months. López Obrador described the talk on his account Twitter as cordial and substantive exchanges, where they had agreed to send 24 million doses of the vaccine. The Kremlin did not reveal the almost total invisibility of López Obrador in the call with Putin ”, emphasized the journalist.

Between the night of Monday 25 and early morning of Tuesday 26 January, López Obrador had a crisis that was quickly treated by the medical team that takes care of him 24 hours a day and managed to stabilize him.

“According to sources in the security cabinet, on Wednesday the 27th the president woke up in a very low spirits, although he made several decisions. The most important was that his office was in charge of the legal advisor of the Presidency, Julio Scherer, and to support him in the various issues that arose, his coordinator of advisers, Lázaro Cárdenas and his spokesperson, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas. The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who by institutional design should have been the one who assumed this function, was relegated, ”said the communicator.

However – Riva Palacio emphasized – Sánchez Cordero, was one of the few officials who was allowed access to López Obrador last week. In addition to her, those who were able to access him, beyond his family and the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, who heads the medical team that treats him, were only the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, and the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

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“Before the instruction that the state of health of the president be kept secret, inside the National Palace there was an uncertainty that was transformed into tension. The vast majority of the personnel within the government headquarters lacked information, but saw who was going to the residential area where López Obrador is confined. Speculation inside the National Palace far exceeded that outside, due to the opaque and lying information that was provided. For example, on the morning of Thursday 28, Sánchez Cordero said that the president “is very well”, which was not true, but he occupied the space of public opinion that was shielding the true state of health of López Obrador “Riva Palacio said.

The journalist stressed that during the first week of confinement, the president was at no time unconscious or without the ability to perform his duties. “But he was not in a position to repeat the videotaped messages like the one he broadcast on Friday afternoon the 29th, where he was tired, weak and not in the best of health. However, for that day, the president had already passed the most critical moment of his illness and was in a slow and difficult recovery, “he said.

Raymundo Riva Palacio concluded by saying that through the contacts he had with a handful of collaborators, “López Obrador was able to continue giving precise instructions on his priorities, as he did with the electricity reform initiative, operated by Scherer. However, the resident’s illness showed enormous fragility and vulnerability in the government, Pavlovian tied to its centralized exercise of power “, he concluded.


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